Author’s Tranquility Press Presents a Harmonious Journey: ‘The Essence of Music’ by Len Bergantino

January 25 17:38 2024
Author's Tranquility Press Presents a Harmonious Journey: 'The Essence of Music' by Len Bergantino
Embark on a Melodic Odyssey of Musicality, Pure Sound, and Inner Peace

Dive into the world of music with “The Essence of Music: Musicality, Pure Sound, the Art of Melody and Inner Peace” by Len Bergantino. More than a book on music, it’s a multi-dimensional exploration into the soul of human connection through the art of sound, providing insights that resonate beyond the realms of melody.

A Musical Family Legacy:

For the Bergantino-Berdice Family, music wasn’t just a passion; it was their family business. Len Bergantino shares anecdotes from his father, Dan Bergantino, and cousins Louis Bredice and Freddie Bredice, offering unique perspectives on the essence of music. From the wisdom of choosing the right notes to the speed of guitar-playing, their stories weave into the fabric of this multi-purpose book.

Wisdom Beyond Music:

Inspired by the teachings within, Len Bergantino’s book transcends its musical origins. Drawing parallels to the classic “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance,” it becomes a natural model for human interaction and growth. Much like the harmonies in music, the book explores how humans deal with each other, providing a baseline for answering Shakespeare’s timeless question, “To be or not to be!”

Healing Through Sound:

The Essence of Music” isn’t just a book; it’s a profound exploration of healing through sound. Its substantive and depthful content makes it applicable not only in music schools, regardless of genre but also in the psychotherapeutic arts. The book’s focus on musicality, pure sound, the art of melody, and peace creates a unique harmony that resonates beyond the musical realm.

About the Author:

Dr. Len Bergantino is the most gifted psychoanalyst whoever lived. Admittedly he had a direct connection with God and the full body of his writings and intended to be “The Thing-In-Itself” and over the next couple of hundred years evoke an upward spiraling society as opposed to the downward spiraling society form which mankind suffers. These books provide the tools with which to carry on the work of attorney closer and closer approximations of pure being, while at the same time giving psychoanalysis and the world at large a fighting chance against Evil. In direct revelation, God informed me that 12 out of 100,000,000 people cross the pearly gates of Heaven. Doubting Thomases go straight to hell!!!

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