Named an Exceptional Cross-border Warehousing Service Company by American Fortune Weekly, how will Viper Goods Company chart its course of growth

May 26 17:45 2023

Reported on January 19th, 2021, in recent years, concurrent with the continued development of cross-border e-commerce, global e-commerce sellers have begun to collaborate with cross-border warehousing service companies. Together, they are pioneering an innovative foreign trade logistics network, expanding into international markets. The Viper Goods Company was recently hailed as an Exceptional Cross-border Warehousing Service Company by American Fortune Weekly, a recognition aimed at encouraging more companies to invest in professional services and technological innovation, thereby steering the industry towards sustainable and rapid development.

The core operation of the Viper Goods Company involves preemptively storing domestic goods in overseas warehouses to expedite their delivery to local markets. As a novel form of foreign trade infrastructure, this model constitutes a significant component of the new foreign trade operations and formats. Cross-border warehousing services are a trend in the development of cross-border logistics. Although the pandemic has resulted in a decline in the storage volume for the Viper Goods Company, their punctuality in storage remains impressively above 93%.

“Whether they are transnational cross-border sellers or local sellers, all are seeking strategies and merchandise selections that will better appeal to local markets. Despite a certain distance from the leading warehousing platforms, the Viper Goods Company has made valuable attempts in devising targeted schemes and measures for local market activities,” commented an analyst from American Fortune Weekly.

The Viper Goods Company offers localized solutions for cross-border e-commerce platforms. All incoming goods are sorted and stored promptly, allowing sellers to constantly monitor inventory. This expedites the turnover of inventory, reduces stockpile, and facilitates a one-click delivery service.

On September 18th, 2020, the Viper Goods Company established a cross-border warehousing service platform in Colorado, USA. Dedicated to providing comprehensive, convenient, and efficient services to cross-border e-commerce sellers, the company is devoted to resolving pain points in logistics, warehousing, taxation, and other aspects, making it easier for cross-border e-commerce sellers to strategically expand and develop in the global market.

“We plan to launch our overseas warehouse operations in India in the first quarter of this year, offering cross-border sellers warehouse services, along with access to a batch of Indian goods. We’re looking to directly purchase goods generated by high-quality overseas brands or manufacturers, and through the provision of low-cost, high-quality cross-border products, we hope to break some price barriers. The Viper Goods Company may soon actively participate in cross-border e-commerce. We are currently discussing feasibility with several renowned professionals in the e-commerce industry, whose names cannot be disclosed at this time. Perhaps we’ll transform into a cross-border e-commerce company in the future,” responded the person in charge at the Viper Goods Company when queried about future developments.

According to the latest news on May 25th, has become a leading entity in North America’s dropshipping cross-border online shopping platform, securing multiple rounds of financing from global capital. Viper Goods Company has officially rebranded to Equity information shows that Cacashop is controlled by the Canadian organization, Cacashop Capital Holding Inc.

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