Onyx BOOX Introduces 5 Techniques to Improve In-book Notes

May 25 17:48 2023

Onyx BOOX Introduces 5 Techniques to Improve In-book Notes

BOOX E Ink devices are widely praised for their exceptional in-book note-taking capabilities. With the advanced and flexible NeoReader, which is compatible with a wide range of popular ebook formats, users can effortlessly capture and arrange their ideas, similar to the experience of writing in a physical book. Recently, BOOX has introduced some techniques to make use of these note-taking tools during the reading process.

#1 – Scribble in the margin

Most fixed layout documents, such as PDFs, provide a margin area where users can freely make notes. However, for reflowable documents like EPUB and MOBI, NeoReader goes a step further by allowing users to adjust the book’s margins. This feature makes it convenient to jot down thoughts whenever inspiration strikes. Even famous mathematician Fermat would have found it effortless to share his solutions using this functionality.

In addition, NeoReader offers a diverse range of brush options similar to those found in the built-in Notes app. Users can choose from pens, brush pens, ballpoint pens, pencils, and markers. The brushes can be customized with a selection of 16 different colors, and the line width can be adjusted up to 25 degrees. Accessing the handwriting mode is simple, as users can just press either the Handwriting or Quick Handwriting icon on the main menu.

Onyx BOOX Introduces 5 Techniques to Improve In-book Notes

#2 – Apply highlights or underlines

NeoReader offers more than just the marker tool in its brush options. It also allows users to selectively highlight or underline specific sentences or paragraphs, emphasizing important information. However, it is crucial to exercise moderation and thoughtfulness when using highlighting to prevent excessive usage. A savvy reader understands the importance of highlighting only key words or phrases that represent significant details.

To apply highlights or underlines in NeoReader, users can simply hold and drag to select the desired content. Afterwards, they have the option to share the highlighted or underlined content as a reading card on social media.

#3 – Annotate what is interesting

Annotation plays a vital role in enhancing a reader’s memory, comprehension, and overall understanding of a text. When annotating, it is important for the reader to focus on the author’s main idea while incorporating their own reflections on the content. Through active annotation, readers can deepen their understanding of the paragraphs they have read.

NeoReader’s Annotate function operates like a virtual sticky note that can be inserted into the book and accessed by clicking on it. Users can utilize this feature to add their own thoughts and comments to their favorite ebooks using typed text. By engaging in annotation, readers have the opportunity to enrich their reading experience and develop a deeper connection with the content.

#4 – Add links to texts

Links serve as a valuable resource for referencing keywords and creating a personal knowledge network. They offer the advantage of customization to cater to individual needs and interests.

In NeoReader, users have the option to include internal links to specific pages within a document or external links to external documents or websites. This feature proves particularly beneficial when reading academic materials or reviewing personal notes. By incorporating links, users can conveniently access supplementary information, thereby expanding their comprehension and knowledge of the topic at hand.

Onyx BOOX Introduces 5 Techniques to Improve In-book Notes

#5 – Embed and export markups

With NeoReader, when a user makes markups to a PDF file, the changes can be seamlessly embedded directly into the original file. It enables the user to sync and open the file on another device, including all the added notes, without any additional steps.

In the case of EPUB, MOBI, and other reflowable documents, exporting markups is a breeze in NeoReader. Through the Contents menu, users can easily export their annotations, ensuring they can share their notes across multiple devices or platforms. This functionality proves highly convenient for studying and collaborating on the move.

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