Xun Power helps reduce energy wastage for power grid companies and consumers globally.

May 25 00:57 2023
Xun Power offers an energy storage system for a green, sustainable and cost-effective alternative to Battery Energy Storage Systems at no cost to the grid companies.

In a world where energy wastage is par for the course, Xun Power delivers an innovative solution to meet the evolving needs of the energy industry and the world’s ever-increasing population.

A Company That Prioritizes Innovation

Xun Power’s team believes progress is achieved by embracing creative thinking, flexibility, and pushing boundaries. The company values collaborative effort and trust, which drives them to work for bigger and brighter goals.

Speaking to a company representative, “Xun Power aims to reinvent the conventional inefficient power transmission system for something better for everyone involved. From grid companies and individuals to the planet, everyone benefits from fixing this major shortcoming that is a worldwide energy infrastructure problem.”

Optimizing Energy Efficiency: Addressing Wasteful Energy Patterns

A major setback when providing energy to consumers the traditional way is the mismatch between the time of energy production and consumption. Due to this lag, power grid companies in the US alone have had to dump over 39 billion dollars worth of excess energy per year for the past quarter of a century.

Xun Power provides a unique and effective solution to this major flaw in the system with no additional costs for the grid companies or the general public. 

LDES: A Game Changer in the Power Industry 

The Long Duration Energy Storage System, LDES for short, along with Flywheel Energy Storage System, FESS for short, transforms the energy system with its unique approach to energy efficiency. With the help of LDES-FESS, excess energy can be easily captured, stored, and discharged for more than ten hours. This energy is reintroduced back into the grid when needed, helping sync up mismatched energy patterns.

FESS is a tried and tested technology that is being successfully implemented as backup storage at hospitals, data centers, and more. Xun Power is scaling up FESS, transforming it into LDES-FESS, to fulfill the requirements of power grids.

Xun Power installs their systems at no cost to the power grids. With a “no cost, no waste” system, grid companies will be left with lowered CAPEX and operating costs; the trickle effect also affects consumers. 

By utilizing a new energy-efficient system such as the LDES-FESS, power grids can eliminate dependence on Peaker Plants, traditionally employed to accommodate higher energy demand.

A Sustainable Solution

The LDES-FESS system is incredibly environmentally friendly, capturing excess energy and reintroducing it into the grid according to demand. By reducing the use of Peaker Plants to keep up with peak demand, grid companies can reduce their Carbon footprint with the help of Xun Power.


Xun Power’s solution is economically viable, safe, and environmentally friendly. They help install their system at no cost to the grid, helping grids, utility companies, and consumers worldwide save on energy costs. The FESS system is field tested, and the scaled-up LDES-FESS is a guaranteed answer to the wasteful energy pattern dilemma. 

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