New Nutrition Beyond Limits | the Global Brand Celebration of Nyo3 in Oslo, Norway

May 24 05:12 2023

On May 15th (Norwegian Time), high-end dietary supplement brand NYO3 held its GLOBAL BRAND CELEBRATION in Oslo. With the brand’s event slogan of “NEW NUTRITION BEYOND LIMITED”, it vigorously released a new product of golden ultra-boost krill oil, announced the global strategic layout of NYO3, and jointly initiated the AWR global public welfare action with its strategic partner Aker BioMarine.

This event also invited organizations such as the Innovation Norway, NO-AGE, UiO, ORIVO, where offered an international nutrition knowledge exchange feast to meet the global users’ need of upgraded high-quality health products.

Origin: Inheriting OMEGA-3 Exploration Journey, Opening a New Era of Brand

In this event, the NYO3 brand collaborated with Norwegian government officials and research institutions to jointly build the annual brand event. Mr. Jan Fredrik Korpe, a senior official of the Norwegian Innovation Agency, shared insightful information in the event. Mr. Roger, the Honorary Director of NYO3, shared the brand development history of NYO3, explained the birth of krill oil through OMEGA-3 exploration journey, and announced the global development strategy of the NYO3 brand, which specially addressed the importance of the Chinese market. The Chinese name “NYO3 Novica” was officially launched on site.

Forward Looking: Collaborate with Research Institutions to Create a Feast for Norwegian Dietary Supplement Knowledge Exchange

In the event, NYO3’s Chief Medical and Scientific Adviser, Professor Fang from the Evandro Fang Lab of the Department of Clinical Analytical Biology of the University of Oslo, Dr. Katina, a scientist from Aker BioMarine, and Dr. Erik from the ORIVO, respectively shared their breakthroughs in three aspects: the positive impact of krill oil on health and aging, nutrition absorption and efficacy research of Antarctic krill oil, and cutting-edge safety detection technology. With exchanging the latest research progresses of krill oil in brain health, the event deeply promoted the international professional exploration in the field of krill oil.

NYO3 and ORIVO have also jointly launched the quality standardization project for krill oil products. The strong cooperation between top scientific research institutions and Norwegian leading enterprises marked the further upgrading of krill oil product standards. The aim is to improve the quality of Norwegian dietary supplements through scientific methods and bring krill oil products towards a high-quality development.

Renewal: Launching a New Product, Promoting the High-End Upgrade of the Dietary Supplement Market

In order to provide consumers with advanced health experience and continuous explore of upgrading of dietary supplement quality, NYO3 and its strategic partner Aker BioMarine jointly unveiled a high-end new product – NYO3 Gold ultra-boost Krill Oil, LYSOVETA LPC-EPA/DHA, and Krill Protein Marine Protein Peptide at the brand event. The event conveyed the cutting edge knowledge of Advanced Nordic Nutrition.

NYO3 Gold ultra-boost Krill Oil, as the product with the highest standard of krill oil, combines the cell level medical care concept and patented purification technology. It uses high content of 750mg SUPERBA boost pure Antarctic krill oil, which is measured over 58% of marine phospholipid small molecule can enter cardiovascular and cerebrovascular cells and safely regulating blood lipids for protecting heart and brain health. The brand-new customized gold gift box combines Amundsen’s exploration concept with product’s quality upgrading, specifically designed for the top choice of heart and brain care for the elites.

LYSOVETA LPC-EPA/DHA is an innovative nutrition product that efficiently regulates cholesterol, nourishes the brain, nourishes the heart, and protects the liver. Another product, krill protein or marine protein peptide, is a more professional and efficient sports supplement dietary supplement product.

Cohesion: Two Giants’ Strong Strategic Cooperation to Achieve a Win-Win Development of the Krill Oil

At the event, NYO3 and its strategic partner Aker BioMarine joined hands again to launch a new three-year strategic cooperation. The world’s largest raw material supplier of krill oil and the top selling brand of krill oil in Europe have joined forces, effectively confirming Norway’s two major health giants in terms of globalization strategy, omnichannel development strategy, and operational strength.

Brand value comes from product quality. NYO3 also received the Quality Gold Award issued by ORIVO at the event. This award granted for the NYO3 products’ quality consistency that has been verified by ORIVO for 3 consecutive years. NYO3 always adheres to the purity of krill oil, 100% pure oil, 100% pure Antarctic krill oil. Product quality determines brand sales. At the event, NYO3 and Tmall Global jointly launched the Brand Day event. Ms. Jennifer, the European Head of Tmall Global, took the stage as the official representative of Tmall Global to launch the ceremony.

Responsibility: Launch AWR Public Welfare Actions and Work Together with Aker BioMarine to Protect Antarctica

NYO3 teamed up with its strategic partner Aker BioMarine to jointly launch the ANTARCTIC WILDLIFE RESEARCH FUND (AWR) global public welfare action. Taking from the ocean and giving back to the ocean, NYO3 joined the AWR organization this time and joined hands with Aker BioMarine to jointly launch the AWR public welfare activity. Adhering to the sustainable development concept of the Norwegian brand, we jointly contribute to protecting Antarctic wildlife and protecting the krill ecosystem, and actively take the responsibility as a leading international brand.

As a pioneer and explorer of Norwegian dietary supplements, NYO3 always adheres to the concept of FROM NORWAY PURE AND SIMPLE, and stay loyal to the quality of natural raw materials and European pharmaceutical standards. Using innovative products such as pure Antarctic krill oil to comprehensively cover multiple dimensions such as brain health, liver nourishing, eye nourishing, etc., and provide cell level nutritional dietary supplements. Through a series of brand events such as the Global Brand Celebration, we aim to further explore the future of sustainable brand development, lead the ecological development of the dietary supplement industry, and promote the concept of high-end Nordic dietary supplement.

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