AI Technology Now Servicing Clients in Healthcare and Medical Sectors with Expansion Plans to Other Industries; Also Developing Clean Energy and Crypto Mining Projects: IDVV

May 24 04:49 2023

Technology Focused Holding Company Operating in Multiple Emerging Sectors. 

Specializing in Artificial Intelligence, Solar Tech, Battery Storage and Clean Energy Crypto Mining Options for Both On & Off Grid.

Acquisition of WITech & SF Corp Adding Immediate Revenues with a Focus on the Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Sectors.  

Agreements Signed with First Clients in the Healthcare and Medical Sectors. 

Commenced Serving Clients in Financial, and Health & Wellness Sectors. Plans to Expand Services to Other Areas Such as Medical, Real Estate and Legal.

In Talks with Other AI-Based Companies to Keep Up with the Fast-Paced Growth of AI. Plans for More Acquisitions Throughout the Remainder of 2023.

Plans for Full Financial Audit to Quality for Up-Listing to OTCQB Exchange. 

International Endeavors Corporation (OTC: IDVV) is a technology holdings company focused on Clean Energy, Crypto and Artificial Intelligence (AI). IDVV is specializing in solar technology, battery storage, as well as clean energy crypto mining options for both on & off grid.

IDVV is currently implementing EV2G / Bi-directional charging options, thus allowing you to use your electric vehicle as a means of a backup battery, or to sell power back to the grid.

In 2022 IDVV started to offer its clients a Clean Energy Crypto mining solution. The IDVV Plug-n-Play mining rigs can be installed in existing or current systems and allows the option to sell power back to the grid or mine crypto currency with any power surplus.

IDVV began its move into AI with the acquisition of two technology companies that present IEC with a realistic and extremely promising growth strategy that finds IEC on the leading edge of two burgeoning markets—AI “content creation and marketing” and AI “process automation.”

The acquisitions of “WITech” and “SF Corp.” may have seemed like simple additions to the company’s holdings portfolio, but IDVV and its shareholders are staring at a real opportunity to quickly establish growth and drive significant revenue while transforming IDVV into an advanced-stage technology company that could become an attractive acquisition target.  

A quick look at the exponential growth in the markets where IDVV will compete and it’s clear why the company’s expansion into the AI sector is a very attractive development for shareholders. Just two years ago, the market for artificial intelligence in marketing was $15.84 billion. Statista, a leading provider of market and consumer data, is projecting that number to increase to more than $107.5 billion by 2028. Meanwhile, the content creation or “generative AI” market—valued at $7.9 billion in 2021—is expected to grow to $110.8 billion by 2030 at a CAGR of 34.3% from 2022 to 2030, according to Acumen Research and Consulting, a global market intelligence and consulting services provider. 

Additionally, the global AI process automation market was valued at $13.6 billion in 2022, and according to a report from Markets and Markets, the size of this specific AI market is expected to double over the next four years to $26 billion at a CAGR of 13.8%.

Corporate Update on Acquisitions and AI

On May 22nd IDVV provided an update mentioning that recently the company has welcomed several clients utilizing it’s AI technology. WITech, the AI division of IDVV has begun servicing clients in Financial, and Health & Wellness sectors. IDVV expects to expand its services shortly to other areas such as Medical, Real Estate and Legal.

IDVV Vice President Bill Martin stated “We are pleased to announce that we are moving forward as planned, welcoming clients in specific industries in order to create specific strategies for each sector. We have started to receive revenues and plan to use a large portion of them to make more acquisitions in the AI sector shortly. Currently we are targeting acquisitions that we believe will expand our services, and we anticipate entering into an agreement by the end of May.”

IDVV Enters Health & Wellness Industry with Artificial Intelligence 

On May 9th IDVV announced that its AI division WITech has entered into an agreement with a client in the Health & Wellness Sector, TW Universal, a provider of various products ranging from meal replacement supplements to customized workout strategies.

Terms of the agreement call for the following:

An extensive AI marketing campaign beginning in Southern California and Nevada.

Development of AI tools for Subscription based services.

The agreement is to be for one year non-exclusive as IDVV plans to expand its services to additional clients in the sector.

Payment for agreement to come on a quarterly basis based on set monthly fees and sales volume.

First Artificial Intelligence Client in the Medical Sector

On May 5th IDVV announced that its AI division WITech has entered into an agreement with its first client in the Medical Sector, Anti Aging & Wellness, a provider of various anti-aging treatments including Stem Cell Therapy, HGH Therapy, TRT Therapy and more.

Terms of the agreement call for the following:

An extensive AI marketing campaign beginning in Southern California, Nevada and Latin America including Mexico.

Development of an AI platform for new patient intake and management.

The agreement is to be for one year non-exclusive as IDVV plans to expand its services to additional clients in the medical sector.

Payment for agreement to come on a quarterly basis based on set monthly fees and sales volume.

IDVV Vice President Bill Martin stated “We are pleased to announce our first agreement in the Medical sector. Anti-aging is a booming industry, and its very competitive. We anticipate yearly revenues to reach the seven-figure range in short order from this agreement.”

How AI is Changing Several Industries

IDVV keenly recognizes that AI has brought about significant transformations in various industries, revolutionizing the way people work, communicate, and live. Among these industries are marketing, legal, lending, and medical. The rise of AI-powered content creation tools has enabled businesses to produce high-quality content in a more efficient and faster manner.

In the marketing industry, AI has become a crucial tool in generating personalized and targeted content that resonates with a specific audience. By analyzing vast amounts of data such as search queries, social media interactions, and customer behavior, IDVV understands how AI-powered content creation tools can generate content tailored to the interests and preferences of individual customers. Additionally, AI can also automate content creation processes, resulting in cost and time savings.

Similarly, IDVV notes how the legal industry has also benefited from AI-powered content creation tools. Lawyers and legal professionals can now automate the process of document review, contract analysis, and legal research, enabling them to work more efficiently. Moreover, AI-powered contract review tools can identify potential legal issues, enabling lawyers to review and revise documents quickly and efficiently.

In the lending industry, IDVV is observing how AI algorithms are being utilized to automate the loan underwriting process. AI can analyze credit history, income, employment status, and other relevant factors, enabling lenders to determine creditworthiness and the likelihood of loan repayment. This not only speeds up the underwriting process but also reduces the risk of defaults and loan losses.

IDVV further notes that AI-powered content creation tools have also brought significant benefits to the medical industry. AI can analyze vast amounts of patient data such as medical records, test results, and other health-related information, enabling medical professionals to make more accurate diagnoses and treatment recommendations. Additionally, AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants can provide patients with personalized support and guidance, freeing up healthcare providers to focus on delivering high-quality care.

For more information on IDVV visit: https://IDVVCORP.COM


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