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May 24 00:06 2023

Ericka McIntosh S., better known as Star Ericka, is a serial entrepreneur, author and real estate professional. As a former Licensed Correctional Officer for the Department of corrections, she was working at a state prison when she resigned at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in May 2020 and became a 6-figure business owner within 10 months making a over 3 times her yearly salary.

Her profound success was inspired heavily by her role at the prison.


“I was longing to buy a home for my  family but I had a lot of bad debt and was originally only preapproved for $80,000. I slowly learned about credit and started posting my progress. I was still new, but I ended up repairing my credit and closing on my home at the tender age of 24 years young. I helped my mom and others as well who went on to buy their homes etcetera … that is when I knew I had it!”

The Millionaire Table specializes in credit repair, business startup, business coaching and more. It is also famous for TMT academy. The Millionaire Table Academy offers online business courses like how to start your own credit business, how to repair your own credit, marketing techniques, Airbnb and short term rentals, business credit and so much more!

Star Ericka is a best selling author, known for her book Millionaire Secrets: The ultimate guide for credit repair, business credit, success and personal development. She has written several eBooks as well as a financial manifestation journal.

We got wind of her from a few of her viral Facebook posts and was intrigued to know how someone so young had that much willpower and determination. When we learned that she had the courage to leave her government job amid a crisis to pursue entrepreneurship, we were amazed! Star recently suffered the loss of her son and after taking a year off, she is back and striving again.

“It wasn’t easy”, she said “ and it still isn’t easy, but I am forever grateful for all I have been able to accomplish through God and Credit. I am not big on persuading someone to trust me or my business, my clients results and students success stories speak for me. I built my entire company off of trust and transparency and will continue to do so by inspiring success and transforming one life at a time. I am proof of what can be done by praying, planning and executing”.

You can connect with Star Ericka Via the links below.

Website: Www.StarEricka.com

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StarDaModel1/

Youtube: YouTube.com/StarDaModel or search Star Ericka



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