BumbleBee Smart Introduces New Range of Montessori Activity Boards for Toddlersw

May 23 19:42 2023
Elevate Your Child’s Learning and Play Experience with Engaging and Educational Toys

BumbleBee Smart, a leading provider of educational toys for toddlers, is delighted to introduce their new range of Montessori activity boards, sensory boards, and busy boards. These unique products are designed to engage children’s curiosity, stimulate their senses, and promote their cognitive development.

Busy boards and sensory wall panels are not just entertaining toys for toddlers; they play a crucial role in their development. These educational toys engage children in tactile exploration, promote fine motor skills, and encourage cognitive growth. At BumbleBee Smart, we are dedicated to creating safe and eco-friendly toys that spark children’s curiosity and help them learn about their surroundings. Our Montessori-inspired activity boards are designed to provide hours of educational fun while nurturing key developmental skills.” – CEO of BumbleBee Smart.

BumbleBee Smart is a family-owned business founded by Andy and Irene, a couple with two small daughters. What started as a small hobby three years ago has grown into a passion for creating engaging and safe toys for children. BumbleBee Smart has already shipped their products to more than 20 countries and continues to develop and improve their toy designs based on their experiences and customer feedback​.

The company offers a wide variety of educational toys, including busy cubes, busy boards, mini busy panels, sensory wall panels, and climbing furniture. All products are updated frequently to ensure a fresh and diverse range of toys are available for parents and educators to choose from.

The standout products in BumbleBee Smart’s collection are the Montessori activity boards. These boards are designed to keep children entertained while developing their fine motor skills. With bright colors and a variety of engaging elements, these sensory wall panels are sure to keep children interested for a long time​. 

BumbleBee Smart is committed to safety and quality. All their products are made of eco-friendly materials, and their busy boards and cubes are covered with safe water-based paints and varnishes. The company also offers a guarantee that their products will be delivered to any country​.

About BumbleBee Smart

BumbleBee Smart is a leading producer of Montessori activity boards, sensory boards, and busy boards for toddlers and infants. Founded by a young couple, Andy and Irene, the company has transformed from a small family hobby into a business that has shipped its innovative educational toys to over 20 countries. BumbleBee Smart creates its products from scratch, from the idea stage to the ready-for-use panels, always taking into account the customers’ wishes. The company’s mission is to help each child find their favorite toy for developing skills while enjoying their playtime​.

For more information, please visit www.bumblebeesmart.com

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