Ashdon Golf, The Brand Behind the “Most Forgiving Putters” Launches New Website

May 20 07:42 2023
The new website streamlines user experience, enabling them to shop for the ideal putter.

Ashdon Golf, a global leader in golf putter technology and the creator of the “Most Forgiving Putters,” has just launched its new website following a complete overhaul to offer enhanced user experience and seamless navigation to its ever-expanding customer base.

The website features a sleek, modern design with easy-to-use menus, high-resolution product images, and detailed information about each putter model. It provides clients with a comprehensive look at Ashdon Golf’s range of innovative putters, including the renowned Most Forgiving Putters and the engineering behind their superior performance on the green.

The website also includes testimonials from satisfied customers and a blog section featuring insights on Ashdon’s putter technology and tips on choosing the right putter.

Professional players and gold enthusiasts will find the site an invaluable online resource for all their needs as it showcases Ashdon Golf’s continuous commitment to providing them with top-of-the-line products backed with cutting-edge technology.

Since its inception, Ashdon Golf has always placed precision and innovation at the forefront of its product development. Its founder, PGA Professional Ronnie Pritchett, spent decades perfecting Ashdon Golf’s putters, utilizing unique hosel connections to create a more stable and forgiving clubhead for golfers. The design takes inspiration from the triangles and circles used in bridge engineering, using wider connections for even weight distribution and superior stability.

Unlike conventional putters, the Most Forgiving Putters provide a more balanced and aligned stroke that minimizes the twisting of the clubhead through impact. This results in improved accuracy and consistency on every putt.

The new website features a new line of models from the brand’s putter series, Bermuda Triangle and Round-A-Bout. Buyers can easily browse various models and customize the putter to their preferred specifications, such as length, and grip type. Moreover, the website provides easy access to customer support through a dedicated help center, allowing golfers to get in touch with the team for any information or concerns they may have about their purchases.

With the new website launch, Ashdon Golf is further strengthening its commitment to delivering game-changing putters that help players maximize their potential on the course.

Check out Ashdon Golf’s new website and product offerings here:

About Ashdon Golf

Founded in 2004 by PGA Professional Ronnie Pritchett, Ashdon Golf has been dedicated to producing high-quality putters that combine precision engineering with innovative design. The company’s unique hosel connections set its putters apart from conventional putters by providing a more stable and forgiving product that’s unmatched in the industry.

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