Raman Arora Releases Two New Guides About The World of High School Mathematics

May 19 19:32 2023
Raman Arora Releases Two New Guides About The World of High School Mathematics
A Guide to the World of Geometry and A Guide to the World of Trigonometry By Raman Arora
Raman Arora is pleased to announce the release of his new books, A Guide to the World of High School Geometry and A Guide to The World of High School Trigonometry.

Discover the ultimate companion for mastering High School Geometry and Trigonometry with these two new guides.

These comprehensive books provide readers with a great companion to excel in the core subjects of mathematics.

Unraveling complex concepts into accessible explanations, these guides ensure a thorough understanding of both Geometry and Trigonometry. Packed with supporting examples accompanied by detailed diagrams, they provide visual clarity to enhance your comprehension. By incorporating proofs, they cultivate solid mathematical reasoning and critical thinking skills. Put your knowledge to test with a wide range of practice problems, along with a complete answer key. Sharpen your skills and reinforce your understanding of key Geometric topics such as Geometric Figures, Angles, Reasoning, Proofs, Parallel Lines, Transformations, Polygons, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Similarity, Basic Trigonometry, Circles, Area, and Constructions. A Guide to The World of High School Trigonometry covers a wide range of topics, including Triangle Properties, Right Triangle Trigonometry, the Unit Circle, Trigonometric Graphs, Trigonometric Applications, and Trigonometric Identities.

Empower yourself with this knowledge and pave your path towards unlocking your mathematical potential.

About the Author:

Raman Arora is a high school student in California and author of a math series: “A Guide to the World of Geometry” and “A Guide to the World of Trigonometry”, which have sold 1000+ copies worldwide. Raman, who is passionate in mathematics and computer science, is on a mission to help provide resources for students to understand mathematical concepts in an easy-to-understand manner.

Both guides are available for purchase at:



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