Crafting Kingdoms Has Launched A Gamefound Crowdfunding Campaign For Custom Board Game Bags And Playmats

November 23 18:45 2022
Crafting Kingdoms is working to develop high-quality and customizable board game bags and playmats for game lovers everywhere. Customizations from prints to colors allow gamers to make these bags and playmats completely their own.

Anyone who knows an avid gamer knows how important the protection of their games is to them. The right bag keeps all the boxes protected from damage so they can continue to enjoy playing them for a long time.  Playmats provide the ultimate comfort for picking up cards and pieces, protecting the table being used, and adding that immersive and visual experience to game night.

Crafting Kingdoms is working on the perfect bags and playmats for gamers everywhere. The customizable designs will combine with high-quality materials to create the ideal gaming accessories. The Gamefound Crowdfunding campaign for these great new gaming accessories is live now.

Crafting Kingdoms and their Gamefound campaign

Crafting Kingdoms is working on two products for gamers, a boardgame bag and a playmat. The boardgame bags will be high quality and durable to keep boardgames safe and sound. With a massive capacity, the bags will be able to carry up to seven standard-sized games such as Wingspan or Ticket to Ride. Tons of pockets made it easy to add small accessories such as dice, manuals, small games, and more.

The straps are reinforced to hold up to the weight of all the games being transported, and they are designed to evenly distribute the weight. Extra walls, stitching, padding, and more makes the bag hold up to carrying games around without worry. With multiple color and print options, it’s easy for a gamer to make the bag all their own.

Once the games arrive at their destination, Crafting Kingdoms has the perfect playmat to set them up on. The rubber and fabric mats provide the ideal surface to play on without worry of uneven tables or gaps that may let cards or playing pieces fall. What are the benefits of including a playmat in game sessions?

–  It gives the table a luxury layer of gaming surface
–  Pick up cards and other game components with ease
–  Protect the table as well as the game components with a soft surface
–  Crafting Kingdom’s light strip edge upgrade adds an extra layer of ambiance and immersion
–  Plain colors make it easy to identify game components and enhances the visual experience

Crafting Kingdoms even have the option to add an LED light border to clearly show the edges, with multiple light colors available. This playmat makes it easy to pick up cards and pieces and also has multiple customization options, from size to color. The led lighting mats are the first of their kind in the gaming industry. This extra layer of ambiance and immersion can take a sci-fi or a cyberpunk game from imagination to feeling like a full experience in the world the game is created in. 


Crafting Kingdoms has developed two great new game accessories. They will need support to fully roll these out, and to do so, they’ve created a Gamefound crowdfunding campaign. The campaign is live now with ways to support this new venture.

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