LinkSecured Boosting Companies with Advanced Colocation in Los Angeles

November 23 11:30 2022
Located in downtown Los Angeles, LinkSecured provides the most sophisticated and secure data centers in the US. LinkSecured provides colocation, Virtual Private Servers, and Dedicated Hosting Plan solutions to a clientele ranging from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups. Its state-of-the-art data centers offer high-tech infrastructure with 24/7 monitoring and support to ensure data is always safe and accessible.

Data plays a vital role in any business’s success, and daily data storage has become essential. Traditionally, companies stored all their data on in-house servers and networking equipment. However, this meant additional overhead and maintenance costs for clunky servers and data storage infrastructures. 

With the advent of “cloud storage,” most companies were tempted to use off-site solutions. But, the data had to be stored somewhere; the answer to this was colocation data centers—a rental service for companies to house their privately-owned servers and other hardware necessary for daily operations. 

For colocation services in Los Angeles, LinkSecured has the most secure and reliable facilities to rent. With more than two decades in business, the team at LinkSecured is passionate about providing sophisticated servers and high-tech infrastructure for its clients at the most competitive price in the market. 

Managing a large amount of business-critical data and applications is necessary for the success of every company. To do so, companies often utilize an in-house computing facility. However, it is only viable for some. 

Apart from the cost of maintaining and updating the facility, things like having a large technical staff, unpredictable expenses, lack of scalability, and even the geological location of the facility can become an issue—these challenges plague start-ups, small businesses, and large companies with service areas across the continent equally. 

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The most reliable and cost-efficient solution to these problems is colocation data centers. LinkSecured, for years, has been facilitating clients with state-of-the-art colocation and data centers at multiple locations in Los Angeles. LinkSecured has provided data centers that are not only cost-efficient but also provide better connectivity, improved network security, redundant power supply, and room for growth. 

In addition, they have created a network of top data centers, bandwidth providers, and developers to provide integrated development solutions to various clients. The company prides itself on being experienced, reliable, and highly secure, with the utmost focus on exceptional IT support and customer service.

Apart from the infrastructure and network server specifications, another important aspect while choosing a colocation is the physical location of the data center; the location directly affects a website’s speed and latency. 

Located in downtown Los Angeles, LinkSecured’s Los Angeles data center provides its hosting facilities to various companies throughout the area. The facility offers a highly connected infrastructure, with access to solid connectivity hubs that can deliver and receive data between networks, businesses, internet exchanges, and end-users. Los Angeles data center also emphasizes security, from physical security to backup services and power redundancies, ensuring constant connection. 

Los Angeles is a hub of today’s tech leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs, and LinkSecured’s Los Angeles data center helps businesses of all sizes. Small companies can obtain the features of a large IT department without a significant investment. Medium to larger-sized organizations can expand their data storage capacity without undertaking costly construction or facility leasing. 

With various data centers across Los Angeles and nationwide built with the highest redundancy specifications, LinkSecured has the capacity to accommodate new clients and provide exceptional customer service at the most competitive price on the market.

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LinkSecured has been in the business for 26 years in LA and across the nation. Their history and industry experience have helped them build solid relationships with top data centers, bandwidth providers, and developers. As a result, they pass the benefits of these valuable resources directly to our customers. The LinkSecured team has experience from the beginning of the Internet, developing and integrating solutions for a range of customers, from Fortune 500 companies to fast-growing startups. The company’s goal is to offer experience, reliability, security, and customer support at the most competitive price point on the market.

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