One of this year’s must-read books on hospitality and entertaining guests is The Art of Entertaining by Maggie Fleming

November 23 01:33 2022

Author and hospitality expert Maggie Fleming has released The Art of Entertaining, her tell-all guide to navigating social settings for people on the go that includes everything from food, decor & more without the hassle. From everyday readers planning or attending small get-togethers to professionals advising inexperienced hosts, The Art of Entertaining provides essential insights and all the entertaining tips and tricks in one easy read.

Book cover of The Art of Entertaining

The Art of Entertaining is the perfect book for social planning. With sections on decor, food, and modern manners, among others, nothing is left up to ambiguity or chance. Since hospitality often requires anticipating guests’ needs and wants, Fleming provides a framework for success  by drawing upon decades of experience as a host, guest, and event manager for a corporation arranging large scale events for thousands of employees.

This roadmap to a fantastic gathering provides actionable advice about how to behave as a guest as well as hold an event of your own. The Art of Entertaining addresses vital questions such as “How do I act with class so the host will ask me back for another party?” and “What is the right thing to bring to this particular gathering?”

As the world reopens and people venture out for new social engagements, The Art of Entertaining is a wonderful refresher on the best parts of hospitality: politeness, generosity, and human connection.

The Art of Entertaining is available for purchase on

Maggie Fleming is an author, hospitality expert, debutante, board member, and cover model with a wealth of experience as both a host and a guest. Whether she’s running a new initiative for a sustainability startup or promoting the new swimwear lines of prestigious designers, Fleming is passionate about helping others flourish in social settings with ease. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys baking, exercising, and spending time with friends and family. Fleming lives and writes in America on the west coast.

Visit her online at or instagram @maggie_fleming.

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