Popstar Aaron Paul “Shuts It Down” Epic Photoshoot with NYC Photographer Luciana Pampalone & City Opera Thrift Shop

November 22 17:45 2022

New York City Visual Artist and Fashion Photographer Luciana Pampalone visual signature – lurid and dramatic, beautiful and raw – popped from every angle of artistic culture. Her works in visual arts, photography and film, revel in super-high-end production values, where her immense perfectionist attention to detail changes the size and scope of what a celebrity photoshoot could be; She elevated it to an art form that is bold, vivid and emotional.

#Popstar Aaron Paul @popstaraaronpaul – Biker Jacket – Hamptons, NY (11/09/22)
Photo by Luciana Pampalone Studio @lucianapamalone
c/o #APMusicENT

No strangers to an artistic collaboration, she had directed the British born popstar Aaron Paul in his black and white emotional classy balled “Behind This Painted Face” music video and has photographed him in several prior epic photoshoots over the course of their 5-year friendship. One of which landed them a featured center spread is the glossy arts and culture issue of Bella Magazine in 2020.

#Popstar Aaron Paul @popstaraaronpaul in Red Coat, Hamptons, NY (11/09/22)
Photo by Luciana Pampalone Studio @lucianapampalone @lucianapampalone
#APMusicENT – c/o 2022

This photoshoot was staged at her secluded and architectural home in the Hamptons, NY shared with her partner, media event photographer David Warren, on Wednesday November 9th, 2022. Rare and above temperature sun filled glorious fall day, the two creative beings got it done with numerous bold new fashions, looks and locations that grew more dramatic and spectacular as the day progressed. Each image Pampalone shot is as character posed and savagely styled, only unique to this living art piece and fashion icon that is Popstar Aaron Paul.

#Popstar Aaron Paul @popstaraaronpaul, Recording Artist Monica Hughes Murphy @m_m_fitness & Music Producer Erick ‘Mr Major’ Shervington @mrmajorworld, Hamptons, NY (11/09/22)
Photo by Luciana Pampalone Studio
c/o #APMusicENT 2022

#Popstar Aaron Paul @popstaraaronpaul – Gold Purple Hat – Hamptons, NY (11/09/22)
Photo by Luciana Pampalone Studio @lucianapamalone
c/o #APMusicENT

Elegant chic and theatrical wardrobe look, provided by Manhattan’s super fashion boutique, The City Opera Thrift Shop. The longtime thrift store, selling secondhand fashions & homewares with profits benefiting the NYC Opera. Known best for featuring carefully curated collection releases throughout the year, each around a different design passion – Vintage, Fine Art, Designer and Couture, Design from Around the World, and Seasonal Collection’s to name a few. It’s a new location right off the 26th street Highline entrance/exit.

Each substantiable garment piece skillfully selected by its visual curator and instore manager, Laura Bridgeman, and then handpicked by Pampalone and Paul to match, showcase and capture Aaron’s fashionable infectious theatrical energy for this epic shoot.

#Popstar Aaron Paul @popstaraaronpaul – Behind The Scenes Epic Photoshoot with Visual Arts Photographer Luciana Pampalone @lucianapampalone. Hamptons, NY (11/09/22)
Photo by 40WorldRecords
c/o #APMusicENT

Aaron’s relationship with The City Opera Thrift Shop also goes back to 2019, when he was chosen as the “DIVA” for its annual popular DIVA sale in NYC. He was photographed by its resident photographer and legendary makeup and hair stylist, Joseph Boggess. Aaron’s love and support for the Thrift store is endless. Luciana and Aaron cannot thank the City Opera Thrift Store enough for their continued support and contribution for their artistic collaborations.

Joining this photoshoot was Aaron’s music producer Erick ‘Mr Major’ Shervington, and also model, singer and fitness instructor, Monica Hughes Murphy. Murphy joins Aaron on backup vocals on his brand-new hit record “Shut It Down” due for international release on December 6th, 2022.

This trio’s presence was a force of explosive energy and laughter throughout this shoot.

Aaron Paul – Shut It Down – (Mr. Major Final Master) – Clip Edit 11/20/22 – #APMusicENT #40Majorworld – SoundCloud Link: https://soundcloud.com/aaronpaulofficial/aaron-paul-shut-it-downmr-major-final-master-clip-edit-112022-apmusicent

Luciana’s commanding, stirring and snapping at the helm, produced creative media content and high-res photogenic striking images that will place Aaron and her exhilarating work in much demand for music, fashion and high-end glossy lifestyle publications throughout 2023.


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