Pangea Provides Efficient CNC Machining Services

September 23 23:57 2022

Pangea specializes in providing electrical and mechanical designs. They aim to be the best injection molding, CNC machining, metal fabrication, metal stamping, casting, and tool and die supplier to the global marketplace. The company has decades of combined experience in the industry. This allows them to consistently provide top-quality products to all their clients. The company values customer excellence. That is why they are committed to offering the best customer experience. The company has a team of friendly professionals who are always ready to help support any project that clients may have.

Speaking about their milling service, the company spokesperson said, “A milling service is where a manufacturer uses machinery to create various custom machined parts. It can be used to create almost anything that is made of metal. Some of the common types of milling services include manual milling and CNC machining. Manual milling is normally done when a manufacturer utilizes tools to make a particular part or item. On the other hand, CNC machining is where manufacturers employ customer software to program the machine to create one’s parts, which is much more repeatable.”

Brass is generally one of the most used materials around the globe and is ideal for jewelry usage, musical instruments, day-to-day usage, and many more uses. The material is composed of copper and zinc and is a soft alloy. Thus, individuals can easily mold, stamp, and machine it. Some specialists believe that brass is hard to mill as it requires a lot of force. However, with the right equipment and professionals, it is possible to mill brass. At Pangea, they offer the best CNC milling services in the USA. They have an efficient CNC machine for brass parts. Those wanting to learn more about CNC milling services cost considerations can consider contacting Pangea.

Speaking about the benefits of hiring a milling service provider, the company spokesperson said, “Hiring a professional milling service provider has numerous benefits. It is significantly cheaper as compared to hiring an in-house employee. Hiring a milling service provider enables one to avoid a lack of skill. This is because the providers have several years of experience in the industry. Thus, they can easily create the parts that one needs.”

Get CNC machine services from Pangea. The company is a reliable supplier of plastic components and machined metal. With them, clients can get access to various production parts and machined prototypes in just a day. The company takes immense pride in its CNC machining, which is quick and enables Pangea to ship parts in full and on-time. The company is capable of handling both rapid prototyping and low-volume production. Their CNC machining processes typically include CNC milling, electrical discharge machining, and CNC turning.

About Pangea

Pangea Technologies is a one-stop product engineering and manufacturing company. Some of their services include plastic products manufacturing, sheet metal bending, heavy injection molding, aluminum CNC machining, aerospace machining, and many more services. The company usually works with various third parties to warehouse locally in the USA. This allows them to provide quick delivery services to their clients.

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