Author Kristen Berube’s new book, “If I Were A Witch For A Day,” from her “If I Were…” series, is now out.

September 23 01:54 2022
The newest edition of the “If I Were…” children’s book series is now available, with more books in the series on the way.

Author Kristen Berube is pleased to announce the release of her new book, “If I Were A Witch For A Day…” The book is a brand-new children’s Halloween book, guaranteed to make children smile and bring the magic alive. “If I Were A Witch For A Day..” is part of Kristen’s “If I Were..” book series.

The new book, “If I Were A Witch For A Day…” is a thrilling, imaginative book that rouses the curiosity and creativity of children. The book poses excellent questions that will get kids thinking and foster a love of reading. The book is packed full of magical food for thought for children and adults alike.  

Along with this new book, Kristen is working on more books in the series inspired by adventure, learning, and bringing magic alive. Each book uniquely exposes the reader to new experiences that help them experience the world through the eyes of the author. The next book in the series, “If I Were Santa For A Day,” is set to release in November of 2022, with more books to follow.

“I hope that my books can bring magic alive. Childhood is an amazing time; why not encourage all the magic possible?” said Kristen.

“If I Were A Witch For A Day…” is now available on, the website, and various other retailers. Visit the website to learn more about the book series and other upcoming books in the series. 

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