Cybearena Revolutionizes Digital Well Being By Introducing the World’s First Cybersecurity Story For Children: Cyber Keeper

September 21 14:12 2022
Cybearena is a UAE-based company and the developer of the innovative Cyber Keeper cybersecurity and digital well being storybook for children.

As powerful and useful of technology as the internet is, it also leaves ample room for misuse. From malware deployment to cyber harassment, to identity theft, the internet can be a dangerous place for individuals that are not tech-savvy. 

One of the main issues regarding the looming threats of cyber malpractices/misuses lies in the fact that it is a complicated, extremely technical matter. Children are, therefore, most susceptible to various online malicious activities, as they may need years to fully understand the concept of a “virus”, or a “hacker.” 

While many parents do their best to educate their children about various online dangers, Cybearena has developed an innovative solution that offers faster, far more consistent results. 

Cyber Keeper is a printed storybook designed to raise awareness and edify children on various topics in the cyber space through art and cartoons. This educational process is thoroughly streamlined, ensuring children of all ages can benefit from using the Cyber Space Keeper. 

The company has also worked on an app with courses crafted specifically for parents.

According to a recent survey conducted by, it is estimated that approximately 37% of children aged between 12 and 17 have experienced cyber bullying online at least once. Cyber Keeper was designed to teach children and young people not only what cyber harassment is but also how to adequately respond and avoid similar interactions in the future. 

Given that computer security is something even adults struggle to comprehend, it is a topic that many educational platforms and establishments struggle to teach to children. Cyber Keeper’s approach to edifying kids on computer security is innovative in that it connects and associates complex elements to things children are very familiar with, relating and connecting at the same time. 

Social Media is one of the key topics that Cyber Keeper addresses at length. Millions of children and young people across the world receive smartphones and the connection to the internet at a very early age, which leaves them exposed and vulnerable to a range of cyber threats.

Cybearena’s Cyber Keeper was designed to create cartoons that would depict social media interactions while teaching children the basics of social media security and privacy, as well as what online blackmail and identity theft are.

To ensure Cyber Keeper is a comprehensive educational tool, Cybearena introduced a range of engaging activities that its users can participate in. From coloring, drawing, and enjoying various online exercises, children will have numerous opportunities to learn while they are having fun in Cyber Keeper.

Cybearena also offers a broad spectrum of educational courses that parents can subscribe to. The courses, as well as Cyber Keeper stories, are available for subscription via smartphones and iPads. 

More information about Cybearena, cyber educational courses, and Cyber Keeper is available on Cybearena’s official Instagram page

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