Protect luxury investments: Bagsential launches thoughtful accessories to keep bags and shoes in pristine condition.

September 21 02:39 2022

“We provide thoughtful solutions to keep your bags and shoes in the same condition as when you first purchased them.”

Luxury items deserve luxury treatment after purchase. Bagsential is making this possible by providing essential accessories for bags and shoes.

By investing in Bagsential’s thoughtful solutions for luxury items, people can keep their bags and shoes in the same state as when they were first purchased. 

Luxury items are costly, and to get the most out of that purchase, the item’s longevity is important. However, it is pretty challenging to maintain the pristine condition of luxury items like shoes and bags once they are in use.

Seeing this need, Bagsential introduces solutions to protect handbags and shoes from creasing and damage. Bagsential ensures that luxury meets longevity with carefully crafted accessories ranging from Bag pillows, Bag boxes, bag seats, shoe shapers, and more.

“These accessories are not only a necessity but luxurious goods that will prolong the life of all your favorite items.”

Bagsential is a premium brand that helps clients achieve timeless luxury with their purchases. Each Bagsential accessory is created to be the best partner for handbags and shoes. “Choosing Bagsential means caring about your collectibles, treasuring your possessions, and taking care of items, always at maximum capacity.”

According to Bagsential, investing in protective accessories is the best way to maintain luxury products when not in use. It is a worthy investment, especially since these items are prone to collapsing when not in use or stored incorrectly.

With Bagsential bag pillows, it is possible to maintain the bag’s original shape. These pillows are created to fit into brand handbags like Chanel, Dior, Bottega Veneta, Prada, etc. On the other hand, bag boxes and bag seats provide the best resting place for handbags when not in use. 

“Our beautiful Bagsential Bag pillows are 100% handmade with the highest quality velvet material. Furthermore, the pile is 80% cotton and 20% polyester, a natural fibre which gives our pillows an amazing luxury touch!”

Shoesential shoe shapers maintain the shoe’s original shape, ensuring it retains its structure and preventing any unnecessary damage. These accessories also help preserve the value of luxury items.

For shoppers looking for customizable options, Bagsential offers engraving and sewing initials on products. Clients can check the customization box during purchase and include what they would like engraved on the product.

“Our products are custom made for your luxury bag, from size to shape, in order to deliver the best.”

At Bagsential, the goal is to create thoughtful solutions that make life easier. Since its launch, the brand has helped many people preserve the quality of their luxury products. Customers have praised the brand’s innovative products for assisting them in protecting products they love.

Bagsential accessories can be purchased from the brand website. The company ships worldwide and provides two shipping options to ensure that items reach clients in the shortest time possible. Each Bagsential accessory is also easy to maintain and use. See the range of Bagsential designs, collections, new releases, and more via the brand’s social media pages.

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