The Ecom Wolf Announces New Openings for Exclusive Ecom Wolfpack Coaching Program Deemed the Harvard of Ecom

September 20 08:15 2022
The Ecom Wolf Announces New Openings for Exclusive Ecom Wolfpack Coaching Program Deemed the Harvard of Ecom
Lara Rahib’s innovative program serves as the ‘Harvard of Ecom’ and guides students to high-performing capabilities and success

Lara Rahib, aka The Ecom Wolf, is pleased to announce spots are now available for The Ecom Wolfpack, an exclusive network of ecommerce business owners to learn the ins-and-outs of the ecommerce industry.

The Ecom Wolf teaches budding entrepreneurs how to build an eventual seven-figure ecommerce business. The signature coaching sessions place clients in the Ecom Wolfpack, a three-month group coaching program. Rahib offers step-by-step methods for implementation and optimization for client ecommerce businesses. Results lead to both the growth and success in building a profitable business.

In registering for the Ecom Wolfpack, clients will garner full access to its portal, which includes 13 chapters, educational assignments and over 90 videos, all meant to walk them through the necessary steps to becoming a successful ecommerce entrepreneur. Rahib’s Wolfpack provides entrepreneurs with an in-depth knowledge of the ecommerce space by creating an interactive Discord server with hundreds of entrepreneurs to learn and grow together. Providing 8 weekly live coaching sessions to review products and processes. Rahib’s team goes even further by providing a service guarantee for participants to ensure each member profits $2,000 a month by the end of the program and will continue to mentor entrepreneurs until they do.

“We are constantly updating our community and clients on updates and trends in the ecommerce and dropshipping space,” said Rahib. “We also perform case studies to test a multitude of strategies and best practices for advertising, marketing and applications.”

Ecom Wolfpack is changing the way entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses by providing them with the needed tools and resources to fully understand their niche and be successful. 

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About Lara Rahib and The Ecom Wolf

Lara Rahib, Ecom Expert, CEO of The Ecom Wolf, is known as one of the most successful persons in e-commerce. Rahib teaches entrepreneurs how to go from being a 9-5er to making millions in a year. To join The Ecom Wolf Pack, please visit

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