How Much Does It Cost to Insure a Tesla Model S

September 20 07:45 2022

The Tesla Model S is considered to be an expensive car to insure compared to other branded vehicles. This is because it has higher repair costs and might increase the cost of collision coverage. One thing to remember is that the price of their car policy may depend on the model of their Tesla, their driving record, the trim they choose, and the amount of coverage they select.

Tesla S is a best-selling electric vehicle and is the logical model for the automaker’s sport line. This kind of model insurance cost might vary based on the specific factors such as:

  • Driving record
  • Their age
  • Year of the vehicle
  • The limit set to coverage
  • Equipment upgrades
  • Others variation unique to each other

Tesla Model S insurance rates are pretty high but car insurance rates are always high for high performance cars. The model S is more than just a luxury car. It’s an all-electric car with a lot of high-tech features that make it a lot different from other cars out there. Tesla is also known for offering great deals on their insurance. Especially when it comes to comprehensive coverage. Tesla offers 6 months free comprehensive car insurance for the Model S if one lease or buy the car within 4 days of ordering. This is a benefit not many other car manufacturers offer.

How does the Tesla Model S insurance rate vary?

Based on the annual premiums, Tesla’s insurance might cost $2,202 a year for full coverage. Keep in mind that rates might be lower or higher based on the insurance company that one choose. At the same time, some personal factors are also affecting car insurance rate like:

  • Price of parts
  • Crash rate stats per model or make
  • Safety features

The Tesla model S has a large number of standard safety features, which might offset the cost of the coverage. Several cameras monitor potential blind spots and hazards to alert the driver. Overhead and knee airbags are available throughout the cabin. Traction control, however, is the most reliable safety option for their vehicle. One should choose full coverage because they understand the value of their vehicle. This type of coverage option offers collision and comprehensive coverage. Tesla has a higher level of full coverage than the national average.

Things to Know About Tesla Model S Insurance Rate

Sara Routhier, Director of Outreach at, lists Tesla’s specific features that help minimize car insurance costs:

  • Autopilot mode
  • Sentry mode
  • Security Alarm
  • PIN to Drive
  • Intrusion Sensors

The Sentry mode is one of the most effective anti-theft systems, which activates a camera when someone stands near their vehicle. In this way, they can deter potential car theft, but the camera might cost a lot to fix, so they may end up paying more for Tesla’s car insurance. One may be able to get a lower monthly premium with Tesla insurance if they have a higher safety score.

Safe drivers can get lower insurance costs that help them save money. Tesla’s autopilot modTesla’s autopilot mode, one may qualify. This mode is similar to Tesla’s driver assistance technology and is designed to help drivers by accelerating, steering, and braking under their supervision. If they do some research on the internet, they can easily find the most suitable insurance policy that meets their needs. If one chooses full coverage car insurance, it can provide collision and comprehensive coverage. Collision insurance pays out if their car collides with another vehicle, a light pole or a tree.

Where to Find the Best Deals on The Tesla Model S Insurance Policy

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducts crash tests on Tesla cars for the purpose of choosing crash test ratings for different vehicles. It is wise to keep in mind that the crash test ratings of Tesla’s model S vehicle might have a significant impact on their auto insurance rates. One can also look at the Tesla model s crash test ratings. If their Tesla vehicle has a higher crash test rating, one may have a safer vehicle that will result in lower insurance costs. This is because their Tesla vehicle is less risky.

There are many safety features on the model S that can lower their insurance costs. These include brake assist, air bags for the driver and passenger, electronic stability control, child safety locks, and blind spot monitors. Check with the insurance company to find out which safety features can earn them discounts. It is helpful to choose the best insurance company online because they offer quotes for each insurance company so one can choose based on their needs. One will need to pay more when they are financing their Tesla model S, so they should compare the quotes from the insurance companies when they are seeking to obtain the right auto insurance.

In New York, Texas, or anywhere in the country, one can save on insurance if they follow some strategies, such as asking about seasonal insurance, taking advantage of ride-sharing services, paying their bills on time, and inquiring about discounts with their insurance company.


If one uses a rating tool, they can get quotes from a variety of insurance companies so they can choose the most appropriate one for them. Tesla model S insurance is one of the most effective ways to save money when purchasing model S insurance. One can also get Tesla model S insurance directly from Tesla and they offer lower insurance rates for Tesla drivers along with safety ratings. Using Tesla’s understanding of their technology, vehicles, safety, and repair costs, they can minimize the fees charged by traditional insurance companies.

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