13-Year-Old American Thai Fighter Signs a Multi-Year Endorsement Deal with Thailand-Based B Legends Fight Gear

September 20 01:10 2022

B Legends Fight Gear founder Sasan Ghosairi and Jermaine Soto Jr.

A highly talented and hard-working 13-year-old American, Jermaine Soto Jr. is a renowned Muay Thai fighter on the youth circuit and one of the best Thai fighters in his state. Using his skills and expertise in combat sport, Jermaine Soto Jr. is well-aware of stand-up striking and various clinching techniques. The young Thai fighter has signed a multi-year endorsement deal with a Thailand-based company, B Legends Fight Gear. 

A highly regarded and prominent Thailand fight promoter Sasan Ghosairi owns the company; he is also a manager of several Muay Thai champions. Sasan Ghosairi’s extensive experience in the field includes work on high-profile shows like Thai Fight, Top King World Series, Kunlun Fight, and the Buakaw-fronted series, All-Star Fight.

Being an incredibly talented 13-year-old, Jermaine is the first amateur and first American fighter signed to B Legend Fight Gear and was represented by Daryl Young of Digital Box UK. He signed the deal with the company on August 25, 2022, in Bangkok, Thailand.

Founded by Mr Sasan Ghosairi in 2013, the company has gained solid credibility for carrying the most authentic Thai gear and clothing. The company takes pride in offering premium products to its customers and trains hard to ensure they are always ready for action.

“Pro wrestling offers amazing entertainment that attracts all types of viewers and makes more money than real fight sports. I am trying to grow the sport of Muay Thai in the same way,” says Sasan Ghosairi. 

In addition, Sasan Ghosairi has strived hard to take his company to the next level by building a solid customer base; he, therefore, makes sure to put them as his priority, ensuring to provide them with the best materials.

The company also offers the best equipment used for training to help its customers level up faster, be confident, and feel better. Mr Ghosairi is forward thinking about signing an endorsement deal with the talented and young Muay Thai fighter and is open to signing more contracts with such exceptionally gifted individuals.

For more information, click on the website https://superexportshop.org.

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