Erika Hypnotherapy Provides Unique Approach To Hypnotherapy With Her Infusion of Thought Field Therapy and Hypnosis

September 19 23:09 2022
Erika Hypnotherapy includes a unique energy technique, Thought Field Therapy, designed to help clients clear emotions from the body so the subconscious mind is primed for her custom-tailored suggestions. This allows clients to get faster results, as they are more receptive to suggestions. Ultimately, getting them to their goals

Erika Hypnotherapy offers hypnotherapy services that also incorporates a mind-body technique called Thought Field Therapy. This energy technique helps the client get faster results by clearing the emotions from the body first, so their subconscious mind is primed for the custom-tailored suggestions Erika delivers during her hypnotic programming sessions with the clients. 

Erika Hypnotherapy was founded by Erika Grant, who has a master’s in Psychology with over 500 hours of state-licensed training as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. She has been helping people overcome challenges for years. Hypnosis Therapy is just one of the many ways Erika uses to help her clients achieve their goals.

Women who feel stuck in their lives often have blocks that show up in their relationships, careers, and health. They want to move forward, but something seems to be holding them back. Erika Grant’s Hypnotherapy can help women identify and release these blocks to living their lives. Erika has found that combining both energy psychology with hypnosis has helped her clients uncover and clear the mental blocks as well as the beliefs that have been an undue burden in their lives. Her clients often report feeling lighter, freer, and more at peace with themselves.

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According to Erika Grant, founder of Erika Hypnotherapy, “Most people are apprehensive about hypnosis when they first enter my office, so their nerves are calmed when they see my down-to-earth approach. I understand that people want to be in control, and I help them feel comfortable while still being able to work with them to get the results they desire. My unique approach is what separates me from other hypnotherapists.”

Erika Grant has found her career to be the most fulfilling thing ever. After a successful military and business career, Erika became a hypnotherapist and has never looked back. She is passionate about helping her clients overcome challenges and reach their full potential through Erika Hypnotherapy. She is committed to providing the best possible care for every one of her clients. 

Everyone has problems that seem to hold them back from achieving their goals. But with hypnosis/hypnotherapy, they can uncover and clear the root of the problem, setting themselves up for success easily and effortlessly. Erika Hypnotherapy helps tap into the power of clients’ subconscious minds to overcome obstacles, alleviate physical pain and achieve goals. It is helpful because it provides a new way for people to improve their lives.

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Erika Hypnotherapy is a powerful way to help clients uncover and clear the root of their problems effectively and effortlessly.

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