Deal Camp, the world’s leading trainer for Fair Value Acquisitions.

September 19 10:52 2022
Deal Camp helps acquisition entrepreneurs and fast-growing small businesses hit their net worth goals. Deal camp applies customer-centric attention and dedicated experience to its acquisition training courses.

Deal Camp has helped close more than 100 million dollars in acquisitions and created over 15 million dollars in equity value for its students in the last 18 months. This success rate is why most successful acquisition entrepreneurs and the fastest growing small businesses use Deal Camp.

Deal Camp founder Matt Duckworth is a value investor and fractional CFO of some of the fastest-growing companies in the Southeastern Conference. His experience over the last 15 years has seen him lead the closing of over 350 million dollars in real estate and construction projects and secured more than 75 million dollars in bank financing for small businesses.

His business and investment journey has taught him many lessons along the way. After leaving his high-paying investment banking job, buying his first business, and running it to the ground, Duckworth learned the importance of finding great businesses.

“By avoiding mistakes, I’ve dramatically improved my and my clients’ results. Deal Camp is all about sharing those very real, very painful lessons with you so you can achieve your financial dreams.”

Deal Camp delivers Fair Value Acquisitions (FVA), a unique acquisition training that helps its students achieve their financial goals. Deal Camp also takes it a step further and guarantees that students will close an acquisition within 18 months of completing the basic program. Due to its successful track record, Deal Camp is highly regarded by many of the M&A world’s most sophisticated businesses.

Each course is tailored to support the unique FVA methodology that breaks down the basics and complexities of how to buy a business with little or even no money and become successful. “Our courses aren’t your usual videos and powerpoints; they include real role-playing exercises, fill-in-the-blank templates, personal connections to banks and investors, contracts from actual deals, and best practices from the most effective dealmakers in the country.”

Small business mergers and acquisitions can be complex, and most entrepreneurs tend to avoid them to prevent losing money. According to Duckworth, it is possible to prepare enough to avoid common mistakes that lead to losses. He has created a three-part series that teaches people how to identify and avoid these mistakes.

To help students better understand the FVA techniques, Deal Camp shares case studies, testimonials, and success stories from clients who have achieved their financial goals following the acquisition training. Acquisition experts at Deal Camp take clients through an intensive acquisition strategy session that helps people draw their acquisition goals and develop strategies to double long-term ROI. 

Deal Camp also shares dozens of articles containing valuable tools and techniques readers can use to increase their net worth. A free copy of Deal Camp’s best-selling book, “Winning in Acquisitions,” is also available for people to learn more about buying great businesses and ways to identify the highest value acquisition opportunities. The book also provides a step-by-step guide to implementing the FVA methodology that increases success and minimizes acquisition risks.

Visit Deal Camp to book an acquisition strategy session and learn more about their unique FVA methodology.

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