SayFur’s Seat Belts Keep Dogs Safe on Car Rides

September 19 10:49 2022
Pet supply company SayFur is a family-owned business with a mission—to enhance the lives of as many dogs and dog parents as possible by providing high-quality safety products that work.

SayFur offers a line of pet safety gear to eliminate dog distractions while driving. With SayFur’s unique seat belts, dog parents can drive securely, knowing that their furry babies are safe.

“As dog owners ourselves, we started this business to share our knowledge with others and to build the perfect bond between you and your pet,” SayFur founders said. “We provide high-quality products that are tailored to keeping your pet safe, happy, and healthy.”

Pawthentic Headrest Seat Belt

SayFur offers the Pawthentic Headrest Seat Belt, where one side goes around the car’s headrest, and the other attaches to the back of the pup’s harness. Dog parents have control to give their pup as much restraint or freedom as they choose because these seat belts are fully adjustable. Users simply change it to the perfect length that works for them and their pup.

“The first thing we do before we drive is to make sure that everyone is wearing their seat belts,” SayFur founders said. “Why should we treat our furry family member any different?”

Pawdyguard Seat Belt

SayFur also offers the Pawdyguard Seat Belt, where one side attaches to the seat belt buckle, and the other side connects to the back of the dog’s harness. Users can buckle up their pup and throw their worries out the window while driving.

“Whether you’d like to take your dog for a short trip across town or a long road trip, you can drive with peace of mind, knowing that you and your furry companion are safe and secure,” SayFur founders said.

Puparazzi Harness

SayFur’s Puparazzi Harness is the perfect harness to use with the Pawthentic and Pawdyguard Seat Belts. The breathable air mesh design allows for the pup to be comfortable at all times. Dog parents can expect maximum safety and comfort for their pup when using this harness.

Contact on Social Media

Reach out to SayFur on social media on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The company often shares photos and tips for raising dogs. Users on Instagram can post pictures of their dogs with the #sayfur tag to be considered for each week’s SayFur Most Valuable Pup award. 

Customer reviews online are overwhelmingly positive, with many raving about the quality of SayFur products and praising their shipping speed and customer service.


Dog parents can confidently take their furry friends on every pupventure with SayFur pet safety products. To learn more about their wide range of products to improve the lives of dogs and dog parents, visit the SayFur website.

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