Author Braeden Anderson’s new book: “Black Resilience – The Blueprint for Black Triumph in the Face of Racism.”

September 19 10:37 2022
Attorney, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author Braeden Anderson is pleased to announce the release of his groundbreaking non-fiction book, “Black Resilience – the Blueprint for Black Triumph in the Face of Racism.”

Braeden Anderson is pleased to reveal that his latest book Black Resilience is now available for pre-order at the Simon & Schuster distribution. The outstanding non-fiction book BLACK RESILIENCE is for every reader who has felt powerless in the face of racism. “Black Resilience- the Blueprint for Black Triumph in the Face of Racism” uncovers the many faces of racism and provides powerful strategies for Black success and empowerment despite bias.

“Racism can be as loud and resounding as a gunshot or as quiet and inconspicuous as being laid off. Whether hidden or apparent, we will not escape it without taking action,” shares Anderson in the book.

Anderson captures the raw Black experience in his book, giving readers an honest, empowering roadmap to overcoming racism, and tackling the dichotomy of inclusion and learned helplessness in a society that is still largely divided. 

“#BlackResilience is the new movement—and the evolution and progression of #BlackLivesMatter—carrying a voice that has been missing until now. A Black voice with a deeply rooted, practical perspective. A Black voice carrying more than the narratives of Black pain and Black problems. A Black voice that carries blueprints for solutions and strategies that will work today—despite the obstacles, despite white privilege, and yes, despite racism. The bold and nascent voice of a Black writer speaking to a Black reader.”

The book also highlights the triumph of Black parenthood. “Readers will learn how to deploy the ‘covert operation of tact’ and see that it takes everyone, Blacks, and whites, to build one community.” Despite being a book rooted in Black empowerment, the content cuts across all communities. Black Resilience is a plan, goal, and path that belongs in the hands of every reader. 

Anderson has also created the Black Resilience Foundation, a nonprofit organization that echoes the book’s message and emphasizes Black Resilience and the proliferation of positive ideas about Blackness.

In addition to being an author and philanthropist, Anderson is an entrepreneur and attorney at Kirkland & Ellis in Washington. He has also served as a professor of business law at Monroe College and even played Division 1 college basketball while attending law school. Throughout his journey, Anderson has faced many challenges, ranging from socioeconomic to racial barriers. By overcoming these barriers, he has proved to himself and others in the Black community that it is possible to rise above this adversity. “Black Resilience- the Blueprint for Black Triumph in the Face of Racism” combines his experiences as a successful Black attorney and business owner.  

Many conversations that need to be had are often swept under the rug or dragged, which builds frustration. The feeling of helplessness that many Black people face every day needs to be addressed. The book creates a forum for these conversations to be had and heard. Anderson’s book provides a powerful representation of what the Black community faces and uncovers the power within the black community, and humanity as a whole, when people come together. 

The author has been quoted by Forbes, Law360, the New York Times, ABA Journal, USA Today, NBC Sports, and others. The book is now available for pre-order on Simon & Schuster.

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