Meet Karolina Geits, Miss New York US Nation 2022

September 19 09:10 2022
Life Is For Passionates, Karolina Geits, Miss New York US Nation 2022

“Passion is about loving something and put all of your soul into it.”

Sometimes life takes you to places that you never thought of. We have had dreams and goals since we were children and not always do they happen as soon as we’d like them to, but those who believe in us; give us the confidence to fight for these goals to become a reality. That’s the case of Karolina Geits, the actual reigning Miss New York US Nation 2022 titleholder. Karolina was casted to compete at the Miss New York US Nation Pageant in January of 2022. For her, it was a great experience to be selected and represent the Manhattan borough at the state pageant in itself- bringing home the state title was awe-inspiring for the model.

The modeling industry, in Karolina’s opinion, is not just about the clothes and the fashion shows or the places she  goes to, the modeling industry for her is more about passion and feeling comfortable in your own skin, your body and personality. “For many people New York City is the center of the universe and I’m extremely honored to be Miss New York US Nation 2022 but I understand there’s a world outside of the five boroughs and I look forward to visiting traveling and being able to meet young girls around the world let them hear my story and let them be inspired by the things that I’ve learned and the things that I’ve done over the last two years, says Karolina.

As for her future plans, Karolina believes it’s not easy to predict what will be happening in her life from now on, since she said that two years ago, she wouldn’t expected to be helding the title she’s holding now, but she sums it up this way: “I hope to be very involved in the industry I hope to have a platform to reach women of all ages around the world and show them how beautiful they can be if only they believe it they are beautiful.

As Miss New York US Nation 2022, Karolina hopes to be an inspiration for all women to be beautiful and confident. When other girls see her, she wants to show them that they too can be both models and role models. Karolina wants to emphasize the importance of representing oneself in the most professional way possible. In the near future, Karolina will be featured to walk in Fashion Weeks such as New York (Fall Season) and hopeful Milan Fashion Week & Paris – with Super Chic Fashion Week; which she has the opportunity to participate in being a titleholder from the Miss US Nation Pageant.

One stereotype that Karolina would like to break about modeling and pageantry is looking beyond the exterior of the person- it’s not just about how you look like or the fancy clothes you wear, but about who you are as a person. “My real beauty lies inside. It lives in my personality, lies in my soul, it lies in the fact that I’m a good person and that would be that stereotype that I would like the break if I were able to do so”, says Karolina.

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