NMN Bio: Anti-Aging Supplements for Overall Health and Wellness

September 19 06:55 2022
A UK scientist’s formulas for more energy, better focus and longevity

September 19, 2022 – As humans age, it’s only natural to see wrinkles and notice a loss of muscle mass. Instead of feeling stuck in a time-lapse, customers go to NMN Bio to increase energy levels and stay poised for the future. After all, age is but a number.

The store’s main product (NMN) contributes to normal energy production, increases endurance and fights multiple hallmarks of aging, as shown by multiple human clinical trials. NMN increases insulin sensitivity, fights age-related muscle degeneration, and ensures customers can better maintain physical and mental peak performance beyond the age of 30 and 40.

NMN possesses a high bioavailability and works best when taken with TMG, another NMN Bio product designed to help with DNA repair and improve liver health. On another hand, its new sugar-balancing Berberine supplement is a game changer for anyone craving dessert after dinner–or before. It is estimated that up to 80% of the western population may currently be pre-diabetic, which can lead to diabetes, cancer and neurodegeneration. Keeping blood sugar at a healthy level with Berberine is an excellent way to prevent diabetes and degeneration to stay healthier for longer.

“Our hormonal peak is when we reach 25 years of age,” said an executive source. “After that, our energy production and overall health start decreasing year after year. That’s the reason why everyone starts feeling increased fatigue by the [time they turn] 30. This is where NMN Bio’s supplements come in.”

NMN, TMG and Berberine are proven formulas for anti-inflammatory and muscle support, but when taken together, the supplements do exponentially more. NMN Bio’s philosophy is rooted knowing customers get at least (if not more than) what is paid for. At a competitive price point set by founder Dr. Elena Seranova, products by NMN Bio prove that age is indeed but a number. As people get older, it gets harder to keep up with everyday health, but as science improves, it is possible to slow the process.

About NMN Bio

NMN Bio is a UK-based anti-aging company offering a range of longevity supplements for better overall health and a plethora of health benefits. NMN Bio develops products to help customers age slower, spark metabolism to work faster and, as a result, increase energy, focus and overall well-being. Get in touch to learn more.

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