KneeWorx Introduces a Breakthrough Treatment for Knees to Renew Worn Cartilage and Cushion Old, Tired Knees

September 18 08:34 2022

Its Walking on A Cloud Protocol™ allows doctors to correctly insert a knee injection directly into the problem area using new technology.

KneeWorx, a specialized medical center for osteoarthritis treatment, introduces its new medication for worn cartilage and tired knees. Walking on A Cloud Protocol™ or growth-factor therapy is the center’s breakthrough treatment for osteoarthritis which uses a cutting-edge technology called fluoroscopic guidance. This technology allows doctors to see inside the knee area in real-time, ensuring that injections carrying the treatment go exactly to the problem area.

“Medicine is entering a new era of bio-similar and biologic treatments that harness the natural process for wound healing, cell growth, and cell regeneration. While synthetic proteins are still effective, we have seen a huge jump in total results by using biologically similar compounds over synthetic protein sequences. In the next 10 years, we could see athletes add 5 or even 10 years to their careers and the average person will never have to worry about a walker or wheelchair due to joint pain,” said the company’s spokesperson.

KneeWorx’s Walking on A Cloud Protocol™ is a non-surgical method of treating osteoarthritis. Depending on the patient’s condition, the center uses a variety of FDA-approved products. For advanced cases bio-similar compounds or PRP provide growth factors to stimulate the body’s natural healing process. And HA products that go by various brand names including GenVisc, Supartz, Orthovisc, Hyalgen, or Synvisc. These substances are similar to the natural lubricant in the knee and can be used to replace the fluids which a patient may have lost over time or due to injury.

The majority of people need a series of 3-5 injections, while the duration of the center’s treatment regimens varies depending on one’s ailment. During a patient’s risk-free, cost-free consultation, the provider can explain the required frequency of the treatment. Since each patient’s circumstance is unique, symptoms of relief differ from patient to patient. Nevertheless, after the initial injection, the majority of patients feel relief nearly immediately.

Most insurance companies, including Medicare, cover the center’s treatment program. KneeWorx may collect a patient’s insurance information over the phone to verify a patient’s benefits without obligation. As with all procedures, check with your primary care physician before beginning any treatment program.

Feedback for the brand has completely endorsed the quality of treatment it provides. One of its patients, Valarie, said, “I have gone from limping around, being in constant pain, and being scheduled for joint replacement surgery to actively getting around again and resuming my active lifestyle. I now have less pain, more flexibility, greater range of motion, and have resumed playing tennis.”

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KneeWorx provides specialist medical treatments for consumers who are looking for quick and simple solutions for their osteoarthritis-related chronic knee pain. It helps knee pain sufferers avoid joint replacement surgery and stay active well into their 60s, 70s, and even 80s.

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