Medical oxygen generators serve as the guardians of Covid patients in intensive care

September 17 17:34 2022

It is reported that the WHO is now doing all it can to provide key equipment and supplies, such as mobile hospitals and laboratory supplies, to help countries hit by Covid-19 get through. To guarantee the enough supply of medical oxygen generators required for the treatment of Covid patients and other patients, everyone at Wuxi Hail Roll Fone Science&Technology Co., Ltd. goes into overdrive to produce medical oxygen generators, medical masks and other medical supplies, so as to provide timely assistance to hospitals at home and abroad.Why are medical oxygen generators so important in the Covid-19 crisis?

No effective medicines are available for treatment of patients with Covid-19. Some with only a mild infection can heal themselves through their own resistance, while those initially hit hardest with COVID-19 need supportive treatment. And sufficient oxygen should be provided for those who cannot maintain oxygen supply by breathing air, so that they can survive first and continue to defeat the virus.Zhong Nanshan, the Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Director of the high-level expert group of the National Health Commission, said that one of the reasons why the mortality rate of Covid-19 is much smaller than that of SARS pandemic in 2003 is the adoption of oxygen therapy, and those with hypoxemia can receive oxygen therapy, high concentration oxygen therapy or mask ventilation in a timely manner.

Oxygen therapy has a positive therapeutic effect in patients with hypoxemic respiratory failure (type I), and may also have a therapeutic effect in patients with hypercapnic respiratory failure (type II).Previously, during the outbreak of the epidemic in Wuhan, it was far more difficult to allocate materials and personnel because it was the Chinese New Year festival. But the epidemic was controlled and prevented from spreading widely because of various medical teams from all over China and the assistance of major medical equipment companies in China. Among them, Wuxi Hail Roll Fone provided a large number of medical oxygen generators for Wuhan.

Some of you may believe that medical oxygen generators can only be applied to the treatment of COVID-19 disease or hospital emergency treatment. But you are wrong. With the advancement of medical technologies and the increasing populations with subhealth, medical oxygen generators play an important role in guarding people’s health. Wuxi Hail Roll Fone has been dedicated to make professional oxygen generators, which provide regular auxiliary treatment for patients with cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and pulmonary diseases, enabling it win wide praise from customers. Oxygen generators will be further closely related to people’s healthy life, and Wuxi Hail Roll Fone will continue to produce more high-quality products through heavy investment in R&D, bringing more professional, convenient and comfortable experience to customers.


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