Steven Rozenfeld and Passive Scaling Helping E-commerce Entrepreneurs Build, Grow, and Scale

September 17 09:46 2022
Steven Rozenfeld and Passive Scaling Helping E-commerce Entrepreneurs Build, Grow, and Scale

Passive income has been demystified, and many solutions continue to spring up for people who want to earn passively. Steven Rozenfeld is one of the entrepreneurs who have developed a passive income earning model, implemented it, tried it out, and is now getting other entrepreneurs on that model. His company, Passive Scaling, is making giant strides in the e-commerce industry and lessening the operational burden of e-commerce business owners.

As a done-for-you e-commerce management firm, Passive Scaling specializes in marketplaces, including Amazon, and operates over eight warehouses nationwide. Its service focuses on managing e-commerce stores using safe marketplace-approved business practices merged with the latest technology to reduce shipping costs and last-mile delivery timelines. With over seven years of experience specializing in marketplaces, Passive Scaling is set to help e-commerce businesses get their jumpstart while giving them all the support they need to thrive.

The founder, Steven Rozenfeld‘s interest in business goes as far back as over a decade. His first experience was in warehousing, wholesale, and distribution as an automobile buyer for a family dealership in 2012. This experience gave him a solid understanding of negotiations and persistence, which positioned him to negotiate with big brands and distributions. It took him another three years to open his first Amazon store, which he operated profitably while scaling his monthly revenue to over 1 million dollars in sales per month. However, success in business for Steven didn’t stop at just himself. He believed growth would be easier to attain if he focused on helping others, and he got the chance when someone hired him to help some clients.

He realized how rewarding it is to help people who weren’t capable of doing the things he could do and achieve success on their behalf. Thus, Passive Scaling became a thing, and he focused on helping others and formed partner agreements to enable swift growth and expansion. He built and managed large-sized teams and placed them in departments with clear SOPs and KPIs. He implemented procedures that enabled him to extend the strategies he applied to his businesses to other people’s businesses.

With Passive Scaling current growth trajectory, the company is looking to partner with entrepreneurs globally, irrespective of background. The goal is to diversify the company’s investment portfolio and break into the e-commerce industry in a low-maintenance way.

“Our program packages range from 30k, with additional minimum working capital. Our team handles it all: from sourcing wholesale products for your store, responding to customer inquiries, order fulfillment and overall store management. In addition to our strategic team structure, we also guide you on the right business model through each stage to ensure the longevity of your business, scalability and increased profitability,” Steven explained.

Passive Scaling introduces a less risky and marketplace compliant two-step shipping procedure that ensures store safety while maintaining profitability. With this model, e-commerce store owners don’t have to do any heavy lifting but trust Passive Scaling to do all the work. And with nine warehouses, the company has a robust in-house network of warehouses across the United States that effectively moves products from one point to another.

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