The Review And Benefits of Agewell Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules

January 17 20:24 2022
Agewell Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules – the science of aging well and the secret to longevity.

Agewell Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules is a product of Agewell Healthcare, Incorporated In the USA and Marketed in Nigeria by Agewell Healthcare Ltd, Lagos. Below are the benefits of using the products:

Rich Deep MVO: It is imperative that wealth without health is worthless and life without healthy living is useless. Life is so precious and priceless; living healthy therefore adds great meaning to it. We strive to deliver quality health care that adds ultimate value to life, bringing back the family joy. Hence, our over two decades’ innovative perseverance has birthed a noble discovery in Virgin Coconut Oil. Virgin Coconut Oil is made by pressing the natural dried or fresh coconut meat called copra to extract the oil. It contains three healthy saturated fatty acids known as *Caprylic Acid *Lauric Acid and *Capric Acid which make up about 62% of the oil content. These saturated but soluble fats are the most beneficial fat on planet earth. Moreover, about 1,500 research studies have proven that Virgin Coconut Oil is the healthiest food property ever known and this claim has earned it the name – Superfood and the tree as – The Tree of Life. It had been also ascertained that Virgin Coconut Oil accounts for 28 health benefits. Hence, we cold-pressed this nutrient-filled wonderful oil into soft capsules to evolve Agewell Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules.

The 28 health benefits of Agewell Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules include the following:

A Proven Natural Treatment For Alzheimer’s Disease – The digestion of Medium-Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs) in Agewell Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules by the Liver creates Ketones that are readily accessible by the brain cells for energy. Ketones supply energy to the brain without the need for insulin to process glucose into energy. Also, it has been proven that the brain creates its own insulin to process glucose to power the brain cells however, this ability of the brain is lost in an Alzheimer’s patient but the Ketones from Agewell Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules offer an alternative source of energy to repair the brain cells and restore maximum and excellent function. 

It Prevents Heart Disease And High Blood Pressure – Agewell Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules is rich in natural saturated fats which not only increase the healthy Cholesterol known as High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol – HDL but also converts the bad Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol – LDL into the good one. By increasing the HDL in the bloodstream, it helps to promote a healthy heart lowering high Triglycerides and the risk of heart disease.

It Treats UTI, Kidney Infection, And Protects The Liver – Agewell Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules is perfect in clearing up and treating urinary tract infections, UTI, and Kidney infections. Its rich content of MCFAs works as natural antibiotics by disrupting the lipid coating on bacteria thereby killing them. It also protects the Liver and clears kidney stones.

It Reduces Inflammation And Arthritis – Reducing inflammation should be everyone’s biggest health goal as it is the root cause of heart disease therefore, constant intake of Agewell Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules is paramount as its high-level antioxidants work to reduce inflammation providing relief from Arthritic pains. It also serves as an analgesic.

As A Natural Prevention And Treatment Of Cancer – Agewell Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules has two key qualities that help it fight Cancer; Its ketones content prevents the tumor cells from accessing the energy in the ketones. While the MCFAs content digest the lipid walls of the Helicobacter pylori bacteria which are known to increase the risk of stomach/colon cancer. The Lauric acid also functions as anti-cancerous by triggering off anti-proliferation, pro-apoptotic effects, and the secretion of estrogen.

As An Immune System Booster – The Lauric acid in Agewell Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules provides ant-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral effects mounting strong resistance which reduces candida, fights bacteria, and creates a very hostile environment for viruses. By this action, the white blood cells, leucocytes (known for body defense) are boosted and the immune system stands very strong.

It Improves Memory And Brain Functions – The Medium-Chain Fatty Acids, MCFAs in Agewell Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules improve the memory problem at old age and sharpen the academic ability in children. These healthy saturated but soluble fatty acids which are easily absorbed in the body are accessed in the brain without the use of Insulin. They also aid constant blood supply to the brain and are able to fuel brain cells more efficiently for intellectual performance and mental stability.

It Boosts Energy And Endurance – Virgin Coconut Oil is easy to digest, provides longer sustainable energy, and increases metabolism. The MCFAs of Agewell Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules are converted directly into energy without stress on the Liver, the home of the pancreas. Today most long-distance event Athletes use Virgin Coconut Oil as the source of their longer sustainable energy.

It Improves Digestion, Reduces Stomach Ulcers, And Ulcerative Colitis – Agewell Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules improves digestion as it helps the body cells absorb fat-soluble vitamins and minerals like Calcium and Magnesium. It also ensures the growth of good bacteria the body needs and gut health but destroys the bad bacteria. Candida imbalance decreases the normal stomach acid called Gastric acid which leads to inflammation and poor digestion. Virgin Coconut Oil, therefore, helps to treat or prevent stomach ulcer and ulcerative colitis.

Remove Wrinkles And Stretch Marks – The effectiveness of the MCFAs in Agewell Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules in the blood circulation and anti-aging process enable oxygen transport to the skin to ensure damaged skin cells repairs removing wrinkles and stretch marks.

It Reduces Symptoms Of Gallbladder Disease And Pancreatitis – The MCFAs of Agewell Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules do not need pancreatic enzymes to be broken down therefore, no stress or strain on the pancreas. Moreover, due to its solubility and easy to digest, it reduces gallbladder disease.

It Improves Skin Issues Such As (Burns, Eczema, Dermatitis, And Psoriasis – This wonderful Virgin Coconut Oil acts as a moisturizer and screen to the skin, preventing it from infections. The caprylic and lauric acids reduce the inflammation of the skin both internal and external. They promote blood circulation helping oxygen transport to the skin. Moreover, the anti-oxidant and anti-microbial properties of the MCFAs in Agewell Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules provide healing to damaged skin cells and fight harmful candida. This action nourishes and smoothens the skin making it look radiant and scintillating.

It Prevents gum Disease And Tooth Decay – Agewell Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules promotes healthy gum and repairs decaying teeth. The MCFAs denature the oral bacteria that cause awful breath i.e. Periodontal disease in the mouth, bringing back freshness to the mouth. This action greatly reduces the risk of periodontal disease.

It Prevents Osteoporosis – The rich antioxidants content of Agewell Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules fights the oxidative stress and free radicals that cause osteoporosis of the bones. It also increases the absorption of calcium and manganese which increases bone volume and structure replacing the loss of bones due to osteoporosis.

As A Treatment To Type II Diabetes – Insulin resistance by the body cells is the precursor to type II diabetes, however, the MCFAs of Agewell Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules help to balance the insulin reactions in the cells to promote a healthy digestive process, removing the strain on the pancreas. This gives the body a consistent energy source independent of the glucose reactions thereby preventing Insulin resistance and type II diabetes.

It Aids Weight Loss And Treatment For Obesity – The nutrient-filled MCFAs in Agewell Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules help to burn off fats and calories converting them directly to energy. This process results in fat loss especially belly or abdominal fat decreases post pattern baby fat after childbirth and also decreases appetite. This rapid breakdown of needless fat to energy leads to loss of weight and treatment for obesity.

It’s Perfect For Building Muscles – The Medium-Chain Fatty Acids, MCFAs and the powerhouse of Agewell Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules are not only good for burning off fats and decreasing metabolic syndrome but are also great for building muscles. Most field event Athletes like weight lifters and boxers consume a lot of Virgin Coconut Oil.

It Serves AS Hair Care – The saturated but soluble fatty acids in Agewell Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules provide perfect hair food like a conditioner to grow the hair and make it glow in beauty. Its iron and vitamin k content serve as treatment for scalp infections and dandruff.

As Treatment For Candida And Yeast Infections – The Capric and Lauric acids in Virgin Coconut Oil make for an effective treatment for Candida albicans and Yeast infections.

An Effective Anti-aging Therapy – Agewell Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules is rich in anti-aging property which keeps the skin younger and beautiful. The anti-oxidant effect slows down the aging process by protecting the body from harmful free radicals and ultraviolet rays. It also works by reducing stress on the Liver, lowering oxidative stress, and supporting detoxification.

It Ensures Hormone Balance – The saturated fatty acids especially Lauric acid trigger off constant secretion of hormones from the Thyroid and Adrenal glands to balance out normal body hormonal levels for use to aid fertility, regularize menstrual flow in women, etc. It also has the ability to reduce blood sugar level.

It Reduces Stress – The actions of the MCFAs in Agewell Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules reduce stress on the Liver and pancreas, lowering oxidative stress and supporting detoxification. Moreover, its ability to stabilize the entire body cells functions relaxes the nerves preventing stress and fatigue.

Enhances The Menopausal Stage – The constant intake of Agewell Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules facilitates the secretion of estrogen.

It Improves The Milk Of The Nursing Mother – Virgin Coconut Oil is highly nutritious and healthier than whole milk. Its lauric acid content improves the nursing Mother’s milk.

Prevention And Treatment Of Urinary Tract Infections – The natural diuretic property of Agewell Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules treats urinary tract infections improving the flow of Urine.

It Offers Treatment For Epilepsy – Virgin Coconut oil is high in ketone content and when the ketone bodies are released into the blood, they dramatically reduce the rate of seizure in epileptic patients.

Grows And Thickens Finger Nails – The powerful and efficient processes of the MCFAs in the body facilitate the excretion of waste products from the body which fingernails are part of. This causes the nails to grow rapidly and polished by the moisturizing effect.

It Reduces Anxiety And Aids Sleeping Well – The sum total processes and effect of Virgin Coconut Oil in the body bring about stability and excellent performance of the body cells, leading to a relaxed system devoid of anxiety.

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