Sensational story From COVID to CANVAS Surviving COVID Discovering my Painting Life

June 18 18:33 2021

He was in the hospital for 100 days due to COVID. The doctors gave up on him, they said he has 1% chance.

When he arrived in the Westchester Hospital his oxygen level was 75  so he was placed in a coma then they saw that his lungs were not functioning, so they decided that they put him on a ventilator, when that did not help, they connected him to a ECMO machine and that takes over the lungs prosses. He could not have any food or liquid for 10 weeks. It was very difficult times; his wife and family were called to say goodbye but thank God with all the prayers and great Drs and great Hospital he was finally released from the hospital.

Now he lost 51 lbs. and had to go to a rehab to learn how to walk and eat, etc. In the rehab in Lakewood N.J. he was with many people that had the same story, but many did not make it. 

Once in the rehab they were working to ween him off the ventilator that was a long prosses it took weeks. Then they wanted him to stand up, but he could not his legs could not hold him he was just too weak, it took them 20 days to get him stand on his feet 30 seconds. Once they took him of the ventilator and he was able to stand and walk he went home where he had to get back to himself, it was not easy.

Thank God he recovered 100%.

After being 7 weeks in a coma. The first thing he said when he came out of the coma, was that he want to become an artist. 

His children thought he was crazy, because he never did art before, however he painted 400 modern art paintings and people like them, so this is a very interesting story from COVID TO CANVAS. He is writing a book from covid to canvas it will be ready in about 60 days. 

When he started painting, He could not believe that he made these paintings, but that kept him busy and happy and surprised. Who would of thought that coming out of covid where people lost some talents, and he gained a new talent that he never had. He was always a song composer but not an artist now he sing as he paint it is a real sensational story. 

Please see below link, he was featured on TV: to-artist-raising-money/36344110 channels-gratitude-for-life-into-art

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