Conceal Valuable Online Information with the Top Free VPN

June 18 14:21 2021

Every personal data that a user has input online is subject to risk as there are unethical third parties roaming around cyberspace, these are the online breachers and hackers. These groups steal information from online users and use it for illegal procedures.

Since the internet dependence of humanity rose, cyber thieves have been working double-time to victimize online users, and even websites, that are easy targets. Easy targets are individuals or corporations that have weak cybersecurity. This happens when a website has too many details included on the whole online content or has no end-to-end encryption feature.

The good news is there are many ways to avoid becoming these third parties’ gambit, for example:

  1. By using Freenet as a browser

Freenet provides total anonymity and its purpose is to encrypt documents. It will only be accessible to those who know the associated key.

However, Freenet requires a lot of the user’s disk space and resources. So if the user’s device storage is small, the user may want to think of some alternative. Plus, this limits the encryption process on just the currently opened browser.

  1. By installing a proxy server

A proxy server can secure the online user’s data as it provides another IP address. By that, third parties will never know the user’s exact location. Although proxy servers hide every IP address to websites and other parties, it still lacks encryption and security features that other methods can administer.

  1. By connecting to a VPN

This is the easiest way to conceal important online data. All the user has to do is choose a trusted and reliable VPN app in a wide array of options.

What a VPN does is set up a connection between one’s device and the internet so as to route the user’s data traffic in an encrypted virtual tunnel. With this, the user’s real IP address will be hidden and be replaced with a curated one so that third parties could no longer track and record any online data and activity.

VPN as the best choice

Since VPN is the most efficient way of encrypting one’s online data, it is widely used by online users. The only issue is, oftentimes, VPNs can be quite expensive, especially the premium ones. One may opt for a free VPN app but lack of research about the matter can end up badly for a user as several free VPNs are sketchy.

Fortunately, there is a free VPN that is reliable and trustworthy- introducing, GoingVPN.

GoingVPN is a top free VPN that offers features paid VPNs also have. But with this VPN app, no one has to pay anything. It has a tight encryption process that ultimately conceals an online user’s cyber info so that cyber thieves would not be able to get a hold of the user’s privacy.

Also, GoingVPN can give users a lightning speed to avoid any surfing hassle like buffers and lags.

It also has an unlimited data bandwidth for the users to have another layer of online security anytime, even 24/7, as it has no expiration.


The internet is not as harmless as it seems. So, it is important for internet users to connect to a trusted VPN app like GoingVPN. GoingVPN guarantees everyone a tight-end online security so that cyber  breachers and hackers won’t get any chance of stealing these users’ information.

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