EverythingWiki Open Their Doors To Moderators Across The Globe

June 18 14:16 2021
User-friendly online encyclopedia, EverythingWiki, announces an opening for moderators from different parts of the world

EverythingWiki has announced the opening of the online platform to all categories of moderators worldwide as the website continues in the pursuit of creating an all-inclusive avenue for people to express their opinions on different issues. The innovative free online encyclopedia is particularly unique as it incorporates the fast-emerging concept of digital currency by paying moderators using cryptocurrency. Moderators also get to enjoy other exciting benefits of being a part of an evolving platform. 

The internet has evolved over the years, with the emergence of several platforms helping as many people as possible to have access to quality information with relative ease. Consequently, tons of websites and platforms have been created in recent times to meet the growing and diverse needs of the global online population. Unfortunately, many of such platforms are somewhat incomprehensive and not particularly as diverse as desired by users. However, the team of forward-thinking individuals at EverythingWiki is looking to change the narrative, as substantiated by the recent announcement of an opening for moderators. 

EverythingWiki aims to allow people to express their views on different subjects as contributors to the increasingly popular free encyclopedia. In a related development, the potential moderators will come from several regions of the world, including Asia, Europe, America, and Africa. Unlike other platforms, EverythingWiki will ensure that moderators get value for content created by paying them in cryptocurrency, becoming one of the very few platforms that have integrated digital currency as a form of payment. 

The EverythingWiki has also expressed plans to list all stores, restaurants, and businesses around the world, creating an all-encompassing platform that provides users with all kinds of information while allowing them to read about any company before transacting business. The categories of featured businesses on the website will include everything from small bakeries to craftsmen, to restaurants and all kinds of service providers from the smallest of villages worldwide. 

For more information about EverythingWiki and how to join the long list of moderators paid in cryptocurrency, visit - https://everything.wiki/wiki/Main_Page.

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