Edelweiss School of Music Hosts Outdoor Recital

October 28 05:36 2020
Edelweiss School of Music is offering In Person and Online lessons for students of all ages.

OCTOBER 28, 2020 – Victoria and Igor Gorpin, the founders of Edelweiss School of Music—rated as one of the top three music schools in Plano, Texas—have hosted an open-air recital for their students amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Since performance is an important avenue for music students to demonstrate their progress, the Gorpins found a safe alternative to a traditional indoor recital and rented an outdoor patio at a local event center.

As a professional musician and educator, Victoria Gorpin’s vision is to promote high quality music lessons in the community and to encourage students to pursue their creative dreams by learning a large array of musical genres.

The purpose of the outdoor recital was to allow students to showcase their talent in person, after being isolated in their homes with online schooling and online music lessons for the past eight months. During normal circumstances, Edelweiss students have frequent in-person recitals, festivals, competitions, and music theory tests. However, all the usual engagements were cancelled during the spring and summer semesters, due to the pandemic. Some tests and competitions converted to virtual platforms in the fall, but the students miss seeing their friends and classmates during these unprecedented, isolated times.

The Gorpins believe that the outdoor recital has given their students a needed respite from the everyday virtual routine. The students were given the opportunity to dress professionally, perform on stage, and be videotaped by a professional videographer. Interacting in a safe way outdoors was an exciting opportunity for students to not only play their instrument but also see their friends and family who attended the socially-distant recital.

Edelweiss School of Music’s philosophy focuses on educating the whole child, while implementing individualized lesson plans for each student. Nurturing each student’s form of intellect is showcased in the core values of the school. More about the school’s philosophy and teachers can be found at www.edelweisssom.com.

About Victoria and Igor Gorpin

The Gorpins dedicate their life to creating high quality music lessons in their area and promoting multicultural music education for the highly diverse population in Plano, Texas.

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