DailyDoc: Is Compassion the Key to Guerrilla Marketing?

March 03 21:12 2020

With the ever-heightening competition of digital marketing, startups are finding new ways to grow their businesses organically. This increasing competition has forced startups to become more resourceful with how they find their initial customers. One such startup is DailyDoc, a productivity tool that has found innovative ways to gain early users. 

DailyDoc was born out of a personal need by its founders: they were unable to control how they spent their time around distracting applications and websites. DailyDoc CEO Scott Lefkowitz said, “We had tried existing solutions, like blockers and time trackers, but found these solutions either too rigid or ineffective.” With this in mind, DailyDoc was created to counter distractions dynamically, helping users overcome procrastination in new ways.

However, when they launched, they struggled to get traction. Digital marketing as we know it has become increasingly expensive and ineffective, especially for young startups. As Scott continues: “We knew that people wanted something like our product, but we were struggling to find our niche with traditional methods like Google Ad Words. So we decided to do direct outreach to people.” 

Initially, this time-consuming approach was ineffective for the fledgling startup; however, after some early users began spreading the product, DailyDoc began to gain some momentum. By actively talking about DailyDoc and its mission through chat rooms and discussion threads with motivational and technology wellness themes, Scott and his team were able to penetrate their early niche. “We think a large part of our early growth can be attributed to spending time with people on forums and going through DailyDoc with them. Also, giving them our story, being a part of the online communities gave us some legitimacy and ultimately led to our early adopters giving us a shot.”  

Perhaps a key to marketing for startups is to establish a few genuine relationships before attempting to scale with impersonal advertising on Google. Although time-consuming, the idea has merit; Scott and the DailyDoc team are currently participating in a Chicago-based accelerator. Despite initial success, DailyDoc will have to continue to innovate with their marketing tactics if they hope to grow further. Looking forward, it will be interesting to see where startups spend their money in marketing and how they can find their early adopters.  

Check Out DailyDoc at https://dailydoc.app.​ 

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