This new documentary talks about how the body stores one’s traumatic experiences and new therapies are finding ways to release it from the body

October 02 19:18 2019

Most people run away from their trauma, try to hide it and shut down their emotions to avoid dealing with it. This could be alarming because a lot of psychology studies reveal that this approach does more harm than good, and also many psychologists believe that one needs to confront their pain to be released from it. A new documentary titled “The Light” discusses the same topic in a detailed manner, including how trauma affects the mental and physical being of a person and what can be done to overcome it, for living a better life.

The Light is a short format documentary that explores how the body stores traumatic experiences and how two Somatic Therapies, EMDR and Transformation Bodywork therapies work within the body and mind to release the patients from their trauma. To be free from the trauma, the patients need to be able to bring their traumatic experiences in a safe environment and then feel the pain these memories have caused which eventually will allow them to release the pain from their mind and body, and then store the memories as standard memory.

For most people, it’s hard to talk about the traumas they have faced as they are scared to be vulnerable and feel the pain they felt during the trauma. They suppress those emotions which may have adverse effects in the long term. The documentary explores all these aspects by telling the stories of two people Juan and Hayden who experienced different traumas. They undergo Somatic Therapies to be freed from the traumas. The film discusses the science behind how trauma freezes people in that time and place and how Somatic Therapies can help people to unfreeze that experience. In this documentary, EMDR is described by Wendy Conquest MA, LPC, CSAT and transformational bodywork by Fred Mitouer P.h.D.

The Light is an important film that also contributes to breaking the stigma surrounding mental health. The makers of this film believe that no one should spend their life suffering from the repercussions of trauma, especially when there are therapies available. It is a documentary that needs to be watched around the globe.

The documentary is currently running a crowdfunding campaign to raise $12,000 to cover the cost of submission in festivals, licenses for graphics & music and overall cost of making the film.

Support and see more information about the documentary on its official campaign page at

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