Rotation Manager Delivers Powerful Clinical Rotation Management Capabilities to Health and Nursing Programs

October 02 18:36 2019

The study methods commonly used in college don’t typically work the same in medical school. That’s where clinical rotations come in handy. They allow students to apply the knowledge they’ve gathered in the classroom to real-life situations in the hospital. This is commonly done in the last two years of medical education – allowing students to shadow physicians in hospitals for the purpose of gaining hands-on experience solving medical dilemmas. Clinical rotations are crucial to helping students obtain residency positions later on. The physicians they work alongside are able to help them obtain career opportunities through recommendation letters and other valuable information and/or guidance.

What Compliance Standards Apply to Clinical Rotations?

Every health and nursing program, regardless of the state it’s located in, must ensure clinical rotations meet a range of compliance standards. It’s important for physicians to understand any compliance standards applicable to the state they’re located in. Typically, it’s mandatory to ensure proper supervision of medical students on clinical rotations. This is essential to safeguarding standards while ensuring quality care is provided to patients.

It’s also mandatory to ensure students read or provide the proper documents when attending rotations. This may include proof of insurance, student manuals, CPR cards, parking information, and other important data. Unfortunately, setting up and managing clinical rotations in accordance with compliance requirements can turn into a time-consuming, confusing process.

In fact, many physicians and students alike dread the process of maintaining proper protocols throughout clinical rotations, despite how important it is. That’s where compliance software can come in handy – simplifying the process to help minimize stress while clinical rotations take place.

What is Rotation Manager and How Does It Work?

Rotation Manager is a compliance software that’s highly efficient in terms of managing rotations of allied health and nursing programs – helping to simplify the process of maintaining proper protocols. This clinical rotation management solution was designed after a reputable hospital experienced a problem that compromised their compliance standards. It’s designed to ensure the ability to:

  • Track all rotations
  • Meet requirements on-time
  • Order background checks
  • Request drug screenings
  • Obtain job references
  • Upload documents from mobile devices
  • and much more

Rotation Manager is an online application, which means there’s no need to worry about installation. You can read FAQs here. The hospital, as well as the school and each student, will be given login information to access their files anytime necessary. This clinical rotation management solution is HIPAA, PCI, and FERPA compliant – taking the proper precautions to ensure all data is protected against theft and/or unauthorized access while keeping processes compliant at all times. Ultimately, this helps:

  • Keep the school, students, and hospital in one simple, organized record-keeping system.
  • Minimize stress surrounding the process of record-keeping.
  • Prevent unattended rotations from occurring.
  • Allow streamlined collaboration between administrators and students.
  • Maintain a thorough history of all students and rotations that take place.

About Rotation Manager

Rotation Manager is a compliance software designed to help allied health and nursing programs ensure compliance standards are met – saving time, money, and effort throughout clinical rotations. This clinical rotation management solution helps strengthen affiliation between the hospital, school, and students who take part in clinical rotation. It’s complete with 256-bit encryption with 2048 RSA key, redundant database storage, a double backup plan, and much more – giving users peace of mind knowing the solution is entirely secure around-the-clock.

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