The Hidden Eggs Among World Of Warcraft Classic

September 12 18:20 2019
The Hidden Eggs Among World Of Warcraft Classic

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Nothing is so concealed, as more and more players plunged into World of Warcraft Classic, more details leaked that were never discovered before. Although it is a game with a nostalgic banner, it is not exactly the same as the one in the past.

There is no doubt that many players have recently had happy days in WOW Classic, and even someone has completed most of the challenges. However, there are still some details in the game that are ignored by ordinary players, which is what we often said hidden eggs.

Which one is the first race?

As everyone knows, players can choose one for the characters from the eight races in WOW Classic, since the basic WOW, Blizzard created the two races for the first time, Humans and the Orcs, which are completely different and usually compete with each other. But almost no one can figure out which one is the first race to be created for a long time.

The competition between Human and Orcs has never stopped, and any one of them must be fought with another after being created throughout the adventure.


If you are careful enough to find out that Tauren is wider than other races in WOW Classic, which is probably created to match its identity. When the Tauren and others appear on your computer screen at the same time, you will find it is taller and stronger, which means that the Tauren’s attack ability is greater and the melee range is wider during the battle. Meanwhile, in order to withstand the damage caused by the Taurens, some higher-level enemies are being made.


It is different from other races, because they have unique abilities to keep alive, in other words, the Undead can survive in a tough environment with more vitality, such as staying in water for a long time without breathing, and will not be killed easily when facing the enemies.

However, it’s not that the Undead are omnipotent, they also have weaknesses to several spells, and it’s hard for players to beat them unless they play as holy warriors, if you are interested in it, why not try?

Intelligence buffs

As we all know, weapons and equipment can determine the success in the game, and players are always searching for methods to get more advanced equipment, but it would waste a little time to improve the proficiency of the basic equipment.

Never worry about it again, just apply intelligence buffs for your equipment, and it would get easier, less time to wait for learning the weapon.

More chances to earn gold

Ordinary players can only figure out the basic ways to earn WOW Classic Gold in the game, which is really effective. But the players who spend more than earn always exist, their cultivation would waste more time. The beauty of a game is that it will continue to bring different improvements and game experience for players, so what the players always care about is how to make “money” faster.

We don’t have much effective guide, only play, play, play! And grasp any chance to make gold.

If you still find it difficult to do this, come to ZZWOW for cheap WOW Classic Gold, but you don’t have to so.

Exploring WOW Classic is a long-term process, and don’t stop, there is more hidden content to explore.

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