Athenia Insure Uses Artificial Intelligence To Ease the Process of Getting Insurance

September 11 22:40 2019
New innovative insurance brokerage firm, Athenia Insur, using tech to solve the tedious insurance process

Athenia Insure is looking to change the narrative in the insurance industry in New York and probably across the United States by using technological advancements to ease the process of getting the most suitable coverage. Athenia Insure aims to put technology to the best possible use, helping clients find the best possible insurance coverage to meet their needs by providing an insurance aggregation and comparison platform.

The insurance industry has evolved over the years with different stakeholders including agents, brokers, insurance providers, and others such as institutions contributing their quota to ensure the customer is satisfied. Technological advancements and the immense features and benefits that come with such advancements have been harnessed by businesses across several industries. Unfortunately, the insurance industry seems to be lagging behind in the use of technology to improve the process and ultimately ensure customer satisfaction. This is where Athenia Insure is looking to change the narrative by making the best use of technology in the insurance industry.

Athenia Insure basically aims to simplify the value chain of the industry and subsequently bring customers the best possible prices. The primary goal of Athenia Insure is to provide clients with the best possible coverage without requiring them to break the bank. Athenia Insure’s platform provides insurance aggregation and comparison, using artificial intelligence, computer vision, machine learning and natural language processing.

The technology-driven insurance brokerage firm also uses amazon Alexa to get in touch with clients while ensuring that the site is as user-friendly as possible. The platform covers practically all types of insurance, providing quotes for auto, home, life, travel, health, and pet insurance, helping users to find great deals and prices. 

Athenia Insure is also in partnership with some stakeholders in the industry, including AIG, MetLife, Massmutual, Digital Brain, Pharma Tech, Datacare, and Travel Advisor.

More information about Athenia Insure and the unique solutions offered by the firm can be found on the website.

About Athenia Insure

Athenia Insure is an insurance brokerage firm that is poised with changing the story of the industry. Headquartered in Manhattan New York, the company aims to use technology to ease the process of getting insurance. 

Athenia Insure uses AI, computer vision, machine learning and natural language processing to help their clients pick tailored insurance policies at great prices.

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