3000 Pixels Minted at BitPixels In a Day

October 23 03:32 2021
BitPixels launched on Bitpixels.io and 3000 pixels were minted on Avalanche! Pixels priced as 1 AVAX per pixel.

Rentable NFTs are considered as the future of the Non fungible tokens. BitPixels is the first rentable nft pixel project on blockchain. That’s why 3000 rentable pixels have been minted in a day. Nft hunters and avalanche enthusiasts started to mint the pixels on https:/bitpixels.io and minted 2000 pixels in an hour. Then the next milestone came after one day: 3000 pixels minted. Even though speed of the sale slows down, it is still being minted faster than other similar nun fungible token projects.

Rentable NFTs are getting more popular day by day. BitPixels introduced a new concept to the NFT ecosystem. BitPixels is an NFT project for 100×100 pixels where users can buy and rent out their pixels for advertisement, investment, and fun. It is the 1st rentable NFT Pixel project on Blockchain. BixPixels shared their project code on Github https://github.com/bitpixelsio/bitpixelsio-contracts with 100% transparency and invited other coders to give feedbacks.

It has always been a trust sign to share a source code on Github. By sharing the source code and engaging with the community, the project gained the trust of the NFT enthusiasts. BitPixels has a fixed supply of 10,000 pixels and these pixels will remain on the blockchain forever. Since the supply of the project is capped, the value of a pixel is expected to incease its value by time.

Rentable NFTs are starting to be the new topic of NFT ecosystem. Most NFT enthusiasts have never heard someone renting out their NFT or renting someone else’s NFT. BitPixels will be the first rentable NFT pixel project on blockchain in that matter. The project promises that the pixel owners will be able to rent out their pixels. For the people who wants to ba the part of the Rentable NFT histors, the sale still continues on https://bitpixels.io/.

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