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September 11 06:24 2021
An online platform of entertainment and a source of unique gifts for Star Trek fans.

Just like when Spock himself initiated the Vulcan greeting with a finger-separating hand gesture as he spoke the words “Live Long and Prosper,” many Star Trek fans knew that this television series would last decades and generations in the television scene. Originating from the 1960s, Star Trek is a science fiction media franchise that has had a massive cultural impact in the American vernacular and even in some countries across the globe. And one of those people who have grown to love this series is Sean Mahannah, the man behind Mahannah’s Sci-Fi Universe.

To date, there have been 13 Star Trek movies and seven Star Trek television series, and Sean was there to witness it all just like a true blue Star Trek fan. Not to mention that he has also read many books about the franchise to know even more facts and trivia. This has made him somewhat an expert on everything and anything Star Trek. With this, he started Mahannah’s Sci-Fi Universe. As Sean always says when he meets fellow enthusiasts, “Welcome to this place that is made for Star Trek and Sci-Fi fans!”

Founded in 2017, Mahannah’s Sci-Fi Universe is an online platform where Star Trek fans can gather and read about articles, biographies, and news concerning one of the world’s most famous science fiction franchises. They are building an online community where interested people can have the safe space to converse on their most favorite thing in the world.

More than being able to share his love for science fiction and Star Trek, Mahannah’s Sci-Fi Universe is a small business too, wherein they offer items ranging from uniquely officially licensed collectibles, amazing and unique fan artworks, and cool model kit LED lighting and sound systems, among others. They consistently add items to their roster of selections to accommodate more Star Trek fans by giving them one-of-a-kind collectibles.

Mahannah’s Sci-Fi Universe is driven by Sean’s goal to make this online platform a go to place for everything Star Trek, an online community and small business where fans can meet, have access to exclusive information, buy Star Trek collectibles, and share their love and appreciation for the franchise.

Mahannah’s Sci-fi Universe is the extension of Sean’s unwavering love for the amazing franchise, Star Trek. Be part of their Star Trek universe by joining them on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter.

For more information about Mahannah’s Sci-fi Universe, feel free to visit their website at https://www.mahannahsscifiuniverse.com/.

About Mahannah’s Sci-Fi Universe

Mahannah’s Sci-Fi Universe is an online platform for all Star Trek Fans. They are a small business that offers officially licensed collectibles and awesome gifts for anyone who loves Star Trek as much as its owner, Sean Mahannah.

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