A True AirHero For Zero Smell

September 08 23:10 2021
Remove any bad smells with AirHero, the most sustainable odor eliminator bags for pets and home use.

On 30th September 2021, Kickstarter will welcome the launch of AirHero: an odor eliminator upcycled from coconut waste. Bad smell is indeed an irritant to the nose but some odors, particularly pet urine, can become hazardous from causing eyes and skin irritation to worsening asthma symptoms]. Given the amount of time everyone spends indoors exposed to these harmful odors, the AirHero team of 9 set out to create a sustainable solution that can improve indoor air quality. 

The market sees a gap”, said Edward Truong– creator of AirHero, “Almost anyone admits to using air fresheners for home is bad for your health for but no one can find a better option either. This is where we came in. We wanted AirHero to be the best charcoal that eliminates any odors, be it the cat’s litter box, cooking fumes, garbage disposal, skunk smell. The ingredient is 100% upcycled from coconut shells, the highest performing and eco-friendly activated charcoal, safe for kids and pets.” 

Breathe Clean Air Without The Chemicals 

The traditional ways of using baking soda and aerosol sprays merely mask odors and not remove them. Moreover, the air fresheners release hundreds of chemical compounds every day, posing health risks to both homeowners’ families and their pets.] Air purifiers are nice but can be expensive, hard to move around and some HEPA filters fail to remove Volatile Organic 

Compounds (VOCs). AirHero, on the other hand, deodorizes the air through activated carbon upcycled from coconut shells, 6 times more effective than any other charcoal. Throw one in the place with smell and AirHero can combat even the strongest odors within 24 hours. 

Easy To Use and Reuse 

Apart from being safe, AirHero exterior comes with multiple pastel colors so it can stand out as a furniture piece well as room deodorizer for home . The cylinder shape can be divided into 3 different bag sizes to fit virtually anywhere, from the closet, the cabinet, inside the car to use as shoe deodorizer. Not to mention, AirHero is designed with durability in mind, with the use of SMS linen fabric outerwear (commonly seen in the N95 mask). This home pet odor eliminator can tolerate any tearing and chew from pets without making a mess. It’s easy to recharge as well. Just place it under direct sunlight for 2 hours every month and it can be used as new again. 

Not a single thing goes to waste! 

The team made a mission to search for an alternative for the bamboo charcoal air purifying bags on the market, simply because they could not stand seeing another bamboo being chopped down to waste. The guys traveled to many Vietnam local factories until they found out that coconut husks produce the least amount of carbon emissions and coconuts overall are biodegradable and widely abundant as leftovers. 

“That’s when we come up with using coconut activated carbon,” shared Edward “We want to 

create a product that is sustainable not only for the environment but also for usage because bringing an ineffective product into the world is an inherently unsustainable thing to do, as it will ultimately turn to waste.” shared Edward. 

Furthermore, unlike the fresheners plastic bottles and cans which only do harm the environment, AirHero activated charcoal can be recycled as a good plant’s fertilizer. 


AirHero to the rescue! 

The team has spent months perfecting AirHero until deciding to launch on Kickstarter for passionate early adopters and those who care about a safer and more sustainable way to save breathing air. AirHero will remain on Kickstarter for a month, with early bird pricing of $37, a 40% discount from the retail price. Units will begin shipping in spring 2022. 

Learn more about AirHero, see the promotional video below:

About the Team 

FutureBrand is a startup based across the USA and Vietnam. AirHero charcoal bags odor absorbers are created to offer a safe and natural odor-removing solution, keeping both the planet and people healthy. 

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