TikToker Keta Loren (known as Big Sis) shares inspiring memoir of surviving heart-breaking challenges in new book “Gutter Kid”

September 07 07:54 2021
“Gutter Kid” by social media celebrity Keta Loren/Big Sis is a motivating account of surviving severe challenges and hardships in life and rising up like a Phoenix from the ashes.

Huntington Beach, CA – September 06, 2021 – Great news for Keta Loren (known as Big Sis) fans and followers. The popular social media influencer has recently released a new book on Amazon which has garnered rave reviews and stellar ratings within just a few days after the launch. Titled “Gutter Kid”, the book shares an inspiring memoir about growing up in foster system, surviving human trafficking and addiction, and still finding the fight in her spirit to claw her way to the top.

Gutter Kid has debuted as the #1 new release on Amazon. The book is available in Hardcover, Paperback, and Kindle versions. 

The book narrates a brutally honest and poignant memoir that offers a first-hand account of the hardships and struggles that Keta Loren had to endure during childhood. Growing up in the adverse conditions of foster care homes, life was never easy for her. Worse, she got addicted to drugs and at 19 was ejected from the juvenile justice system with no support or assistance. But that was not all. With no one to protect her, she fell prey to a few bottom feeding predators and got swooped in into a human trafficking racquet. However, and this is the best part, amid such dire adversities, the Braveheart refused to accept her statistical fate and managed to find the courage to not only rise—but shine. 

“It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time. Being vulnerable has never been a strength of mine but ironically I’ve always found strength in my vulnerability. The reason I persevered was because of women who boldly shared their stories of tragedy to triumph.”, stated Keta Loren aka Big Sis.  

“I knew that if they could do it… so could I. It was brave women standing in their truth, paving the way before me that showed me it was possible. Now it’s my responsibility to do the same for the women traveling the path after me. We lift each other up. We speak our truth and we don’t back down. Shame doesn’t live here. Healing lives here. Compassion lives here. Love lives here. Self-love and love for others. Our voices matter and they will not be silenced. There’s a young girl going through some of these same things now and if I can shed one ounce of light on that darkness and be a beacon of hope or even just the voice that’s says you are not alone…then I’ve done my job.”

About Keta Loren 

Keta Loren aka Big Sis is a renowned social media influencer, commanding over half a million followers over social networking sites. She is a published songwriter as well as a model and author. A Braveheart to the core, Keta started sharing her story as a survivor of abuse, addiction, and trafficking in her teens two years back. She believes it’s her responsibility to utilize her platform to inspire those who have fought similar battles to stand in their power and know that their past does not dictate their future. With a willingness to heal and a will to overcome they can…and will… prevail.  

For more information, please visit Amazon or TikTok @ketaloren / Instagram @iamketamusik

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