RDMI awarded NHU the honor of “DoE Advancement Advanced Enterprise”

December 23 04:30 2020

From November 14th to 15th, the first RDMI (The International Research and Development Methodologies Institute) annual meeting and the fifth TRIZ annual meeting were held in Chongqing. RDMI aims to research, refine, integrate, and promote the methodology that the world’s leading companies play a key role in R&D projects to enhance the R&D capabilities of engineers, thereby improving the R&D level of the company and helping companies develop high-quality product. The R&D methodology that RDMI focuses on corresponds to solving the problems encountered at different levels in the R&D process of enterprises, from the strategic level to the implementation level, focusing on improving the R&D level of the enterprise from all aspects.

At the meeting, RDMI presented awards to outstanding companies and individuals that have made significant achievements in the advancement of research and development methods. Among them, NHU won the honor of 2020 DoE Promotion Outstanding Enterprise, and Liu Xianghong, the leader of Shang Yu Nutrition Research Group, came to the stage to receive the award. In addition to on-site awards, there are more than 200 experts from more than 70 companies and universities in more than 20 industries across the country from DFSS (Design For Six Sigma), TRIZ (Theory of the Solution of Inventive Problems), DoE (Design of Experiment), FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis), IPD (Integrated Product Development), Extenics, patent strategy and other different R&D methods were shared.

Zhou Yougui, deputy director of 528 Workshop, shared the “NHU DoE Practice and Development”. The report introduced NHU’s practical development of DoE in the past five years and its promotion mechanism, as well as the results of 4 DoE projects from different bases.

DoE is the abbreviation of Design of Experiment, which is an experimental technique used to control the input of the process in order to better understand the influence on the output of the process. It refers to the planned experiment under certain conditions to obtain the ability to predict a certain phenomenon statistical data, and by analyzing the results of the test, an effective method to summarize the universality and reproducibility rules from the phenomenon. According to actual needs, distinguish and select different experimental design types, design experimental procedures, discover how to control various influencing factors, obtain sufficient effective data with as few trials as possible, and analyze and draw more reliable conclusions to make the product quality is improved and the process flow is optimized.

NHU introduced the DoE tool in 2015, and organized systematic training in the form of a combination of theoretical learning and subject application with the headquarters research institute as a pilot. At the same time, by cultivating internal trainers to internalize DoE knowledge, gradually forming DoE courses suitable for NHU’s internal learning to promote to various manufacturing bases. At present, NHU has a total of 34 DoE internal trainers in stock, and has completed a total of 120 DoE practical projects, which has generated tens of millions of project benefits.

NHU representatives also stated at the meeting that they will continue to uphold the R&D concept of “demand-oriented, internal and external cooperation”, and will gradually form a research and development idea with NHU characteristics which applies DoE and TRIZ as the pillars on the basis of this R&D concept. And gradually develop higher quality products.

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