Local Company Buys Homes As-Is In California

November 13 08:15 2020
Local Company Buys Homes As-Is In California

If someone has been contemplating the option of selling their home, now is a great time to make it happen. Many people get overwhelmed with the idea of hiring a real estate agent and putting their home on the market. After all, this is something that can take several months to complete. Often, people who are trying to sell their home are doing so because they have something else going on. Consider selling the home for cash and walking away from everything within the next couple of weeks.

A Buyer is Waiting

It doesn’t matter what condition the home is in, there is a buyer waiting. Perhaps it needs a new roof or it could use some remodeling. No matter what condition this home is in, it can be sold for a fair cash offer.

Learn More About This Process Today

In the Fresno California area, people can contact a local we buy houses company today. They will go over the condition of the home and make an appointment to take a look. At this point, the homeowner will be given an offer that they can either accept or decline. Keep in mind, this is a no obligation process. If they decide to accept the offer, they should be able to have cash in hand within seven days.

Sell This Home Fast

Perhaps the homeowners are behind on the mortgage payment. If this is the case, they could be in risk of going into foreclosure. They definitely want to avoid this whenever possible. They should check with a buyer to find out how they can receive a cash offer on the home so that they can pay off the mortgage and move on. 

Don’t Pay a Real Estate Agent

Often, a real estate agent is going to charge 6% for their services. Not to mention, the seller would have to pay the closing fees of another 2% to sell the home. However, when they sell to this kind of company, there are no fees. This is a no hassle process where they can sell the home and walk away with a decent amount of money. Selling a home with a real estate agent can be a huge hassle. Often, they are going to request repairs to the home. This can be discouraging for those who don’t have the time or the money.

If someone is in danger of their home going into foreclosure, they should give Mutari Group a call today. They have plenty of experience with helping homeowners in Fresno California. Give them a call at the earliest convenience and a representative will be able to offer assistance right away. Generally, sellers can receive an offer within 24 hours. A representative is available to walk someone through the entire process. They don’t get overwhelmed if they don’t understand how it works. The representative will explain everything and then leave it up to the seller to decide what happens next.

In the meantime check out https://www.mutarigroup.com/ to learn more. 

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