Technology Game Changers (TCG) App & Gaming Startup Moves To Silicon Valley

November 07 03:27 2020
Technology Game Changers (TCG) App & Gaming Startup Moves To Silicon Valley

SILICON VALLEY, California – Cherrylle Hatchett, TGC CEO and Founder, announced today that TCG App & Gaming Startup moved into Cupertino, Ca, the heart of Silicon Valley, which is also the home to Apple headquarters, IBM, Oracle and

TGC is a culturally diverse team of Millenials and Gen X: Developers, Programmers, and 3D artists with an upper-management team prominently of African American women who have taken residence in the Startup Cradle of the United States.

The location change will play an integral part in the Valley, offering two business lines in Astrology Emojis App (AE) and Lemurian Warriors Video Game (LW). The Shopify stores for these game venues can be accessed on TGCplay.

As a pioneer in the marriage of gaming and astrology, TCG is excited to launch its new products and to provide every gamer with a unique experience that will keep them enthralled and entertained. The extensive experience that TCG brings to Silicon Valley will benefit all users and engage them with opportunity and entertainment, after all:

Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do. – J.P Morgan


According to their Facebook page, TGC promotes changing technology by merging it with Astrology to create content that teaches astrology, astronomy and gaming. As such, Astrology Emojis App provides entertainment on a new plane, allowing you to utilize an emoji keyboard.

While Lemurian Warriors video game features legends of primordial times and Cosmic beings, bringing history and adventure together. Lemurian Warriors is accompanied by a music soundtrack that features exclusive music with a compilation of Hip Hop, R&B, and conscious Zen, enhancing the user experience and will include female warriors representing all 12 of the zodiac signs.

TCG aspires to enhance user experiences with interactive, engaging apps and games that set the bar high in a competitive market. TCG is unique in that all of its products come from in-house professionals. These apps feature in-game challenges to keep interest levels up and are wickedly addicting.

TGC is targeting the lucrative Urban Demographic market (African-American, Asian, Indian, Hispanic, and Asian market) whose purchase and spending power was almost $4 Trillion in 2019. TGC targets this undeserved market with characters, content and music which is inclusive to its market. In the not-too-far future, TGC will target the e-Sport Gaming arena as well!

The expansion of TGC is a tribute to Cherrylle Hatchett’s 15 years of experience and demonstrated leadership abilities to propel her company forward into a bright future within the Silicon Valley. She has over 15 years of IT Project Management and Software Implementation for Fortune 500 companies. She has studied astrology and astronomy for decades.

Paving the way in innovative, streamlined implementation processes, TGC looks forward to revolutionizing mobile apps and video games, elevating them to new entertainment and information levels.

TCG looks forward to the challenges and opportunities of the bright future in its path and is excited to share the adventure with the Silicon Valley and surrounding communities. Under Ms. Hatchett’s leadership, they are sure to make a long-lasting impression in the world of gaming.

If you wish to learn more or stay up to date on what TGC has to give, follow TGC on Instagram: @Techgamechangersllc and Twitter @Techgamersllc.

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