Gelida LLC, a minority-owned startup has launched a Crowdfunding campaign on to raise funds for the innovative Gelida Classic portable beverage mini-fridge.

October 12 19:08 2020

Gelida LLC, a minority-owned startup in San Juan, Puerto Rico, has launched a Crowdfunding campaign on to raise funds for its innovative patent: the Gelida Classic portable beverage mini-fridge.

Creativity is thinking up new things; innovation is doing new things. The female-owned Gelida LLC is replete with both creativity and innovation. The concept idea was developed during the pandemic lockdown when the company founder was trying to create online business ideas. Now that the imagination has become a reality, Gelida LLC is funding to bring it to market and add a complete line of mini-fridge and insulated backpacks with a licensed and trademark series.

Speaking about their product, the company CEO, Luis Babilonia, said: “Welcome to Gelida, we believe in innovation and simplicity.  We have achieved our goals by creating a beautiful innovating product. That makes us happy! We began with an ambitious goal: Invent a powerful Mini Cooler that you can carry anywhere! We wanted a portable cooler that did not require ice or electricity, to enjoy cold beverages on the go. We created it, and it looks great! Now, Our new goal is to achieve a perfect bond with our new and recurring clients. The team is ready and waiting for your orders.”

The powerful Gelida cooler does not require electricity; take it anywhere. 12 volts and the support of a 7.5V battery, Lithium Battery, ensure more than 6 hours working while no vehicle power or household power. Two voltages can be used not only in cars and boats but also at home.

It comes in a compact portable design made up of a stylish, practical backpack with a lightweight and easy-to-carry handle. Other features include

  • Intelligent Chip
  • Rapid Cooling
  • Constant Temperature
  • Eco Friendly
  • Warning Alarm System
  • Available in 2 models, 3 designs, and 6 colors.

It is said that “does it better” will always beat “did it first.” Gelida LLC not only did it first, but they are also doing it better. There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. The Gelida portable mini-fridge is perfect for outdoor & travel. Hikers, campers, as well as hunters, fishers, travelers, and all lovers of outdoor activities will have the chance to keep their food & beverage cold, fresh and frosty with the Gelida’s two model mini-fridges: the Gelida classic and Gelida Fridgus portable beverage mini-fridge, first of its kind! The company is not resting on its laurels yet, as plans are already underway to develop other exciting products to complement their current line.

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