Zach Colman, The Founder Of Creatitive Branding And Marketing Agency, Is Revolutionizing The Way Athletes & Sports Companies Market Themselves To Leverage Growth

October 02 21:33 2020

Creatitive Branding and Marketing Agency is the #1 full-service solution for athletes and sports companies to establish their brand identity, develop a strategic online presence, and reach their business goals. 

Zach Colman, Arizona native and the founder of Creatitive Branding and Marketing Agency, has always been passionate about sports. The son of an NFL kicker and a dedicated soccer player himself, he had always hoped to integrate sports into his career. He realized his passion for graphic design early on and went on to achieve his Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design and Visual Communications from Arizona State University. Although he enjoyed a successful career in the corporate world and held multiple prestigious positions ranging from professional designer to art director, his desire to offer a revolutionary service to athletes and sports companies prevailed. In 2015 he left the corporate world to found his own company, Creatitive Branding and Marketing Agency, the culmination of Colman’s greatest passions: sports, design, and marketing strategy. 

Although business advisors warned Colman that a sports marketing agency was far too niche, he was confident that the value he could bring to athletes and sports companies would be both impactful and prolific. Indeed, Colman’s instincts were correct. Today, Colman and his team partner with multiple high profile athletes and sports companies offering BrandBuild, web design, strategy, and digital marketing services

When working with new athletes looking to grow their brand and further establish their identity, Colman takes a simple, yet strategic approach. Although it may not be the natural inclination, he advises athletes to approach their sports career as a business. The first step should be leveraging the free marketing they are receiving on the field or the court. 

As Colman points out, “What’s the point of having an online presence if you’re not leveraging it?” 

Athletes possess a unique value, set apart from traditional businesses; they already have the audience, they simply require the tools to cultivate their existing audience to their advantage. Once they do so, athletes are equipped to bring value to their existing sponsors while also attracting new sponsorships and brand deals. 

Often, athletes lack the vision to identify what it is their target market is looking for. 

Colman is clear, “I’m not here to be your yes-man, instead I’m going to show you exactly what it is your audience wants and needs from you, not the other way around.” 

In developing a solid brand identity, athletes will be better equipped to attract their ideal audience, build brand awareness, and eventually turn fans into paying customers. 

However, Colman warns that the path to success isn’t always as easy as some marketing gimmicks will make it seem. Quality processes achieve quality results. While many will assume that social media will be the key to their success, in reality, it is much more complex than that. The most successful athletes and entrepreneurs recognize that brand identity, SEO (search engine optimization), blogging, and paid marketing all play into their business success.  

In the same way a quarterback wouldn’t enter the field without a solid plan, nor does Colman and his team at Creatitive enter into any new partnership without a solid playbook. Indeed, there is a thoughtful strategy attached to each decision they make. 

Colman shares the following analogy, “If you score a touchdown, who threw you the pass? Business is our sport. We want to be on your team, throwing you the right passes to help you grow your business and achieve maximum results.” 

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