Ergonomics International Ergonomists Speak About Evidence‐based Risk Analysis

September 02 08:38 2020
Ergonomics International Ergonomists Speak About Evidence‐based Risk Analysis

Manufacturing journalist, TR Cutler recently interviewed Mark Heidebrecht and Sam Bradbury, managing partners at Ergonomics International about cost-effective evidence‐based risk analysis software suite. The article can be read in The Manufacturing Report

Ergonomics International’s Evidence‐Based Risk Analysis Software Suite utilizes standardized tools which have high validity and reliability. These tools provide management with real-time data to make evidence‐based decisions, yet data is simple enough for ergonomic, safety, occupational health, Lean Manufacturing, and Six-Sigma professionals to understand and apply. 

According to Bradbury, “Traditional ergonomic analysis tools may overestimate risk sending companies down trails to fixing hazards that are not the true high risks. This also includes personal risk factors that may be more involved in certain musculoskeletal injuries that the company takes on as a hazard that is not really a hazard.” 

“The Ergonomics International SaaS system prioritizes and provides risk identification where employers may be most vulnerable and where they should likely focus dollars and resources on the reduction of risk,” added  Heidebrecht. 

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About Ergonomics International

Each with more than twenty years’ experience working from forensic investigation to factory floors, Ergonomics International focuses on designing and implementing tools that are evidence-based. Mark Heidebrecht (MSE, ACSM-EP, CPE/CHFP) and Sam Bradbury (MAOM, ATC, ACSM-EP, CPE/CHFP) built one of the largest ergonomic libraries globally, including one of the largest occupational epidemiology datasets to make the most informed decisions.

In addition to one of the largest data libraries, the company utilizes a statistical epidemiologist and assembled peer-reviewed studies focused on ensuring the latest and best answers to ergonomic and human factors impacting the challenges that companies face.

The company introduced one of the most powerful software tools for companies and insurers to reduce musculoskeletal injury risk. This mobile compatible software tool provides the best information to help management quantify and mitigate risk.

Ergonomics International’s Evidence‐Based Risk Analysis Software Suite utilizes dashboards which are customizable providing the most valuable information at each level of the enterprise. Leading indicators allow users to get ahead of injuries and focus on prevention with the use of cost-effective tools.

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